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Hope everyone had a great weekend. I did a lot of work on my patio, including sanding and teak-oiling my patio furniture and powerwashing the stone. I still need to seal it, but it’s all coming right along.


Nine dead including gunman after shooting at mall outside Dallas


Bronny James, son of NBA superstar LeBron James, commits to the University of Southern California

Umm, alrighty then.

Richard Dreyfuss says Oscar diversity rules ‘make me vomit’

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Today in Turtles (Cats):

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  1. Speaking of Liverpool and the Irish, as I assume many of these Liverpool fans are, did you know that every single member of the Fab Four can/could trace their ancestry at least partly back to the Emerald Isle? When the Beatles played Dublin in 1963, John Lennon gave an interview and said, “We are all Irish!” And he didn’t mean it in a St. Patrick’s Day “we’re all Irish for a day” way, he meant it literally.

    At my Coronation Lunch yesterday, my Irish-descended friend and I didn’t touch much on the Coronation itself, except to express our gratitude for seeing “the mounted Princess Anne.” No, instead we talked about Irish comedians. I don’t know why. She focused on Chris O’Dowd, who was in The IT Crowd, and is now in The Big Door Prize. I’ve seen The IT Crowd, and The Big Door Prize certainly sounds like it’s worth watching. I countered with Frank of Ireland, which I really enjoyed.

    It was really fun. We were up on the roof, which was deserted, of course, the weather was perfect, sunny, about 70, low humidity, no flies or bees, little wind. That’s what I imagine Heaven is like (if I believed in an afterlife): chatting for all eternity under conditions like we experienced yesterday. And believe me, I could chat for all eternity and probably not repeat myself.

    • I’m surprised Woody Allen hasn’t weighed in. Despite being married to his very much younger Korean-American quasi-stepdaughter wife, his films are notoriously devoid of any touch of multiculturalism, unless you include the Jewish characters, which no Manhattan or LA theatergoer would. And let’s face it, this is the audience his movies are now being made for. Those, and the French.

    • Why even interview him? It’s gross because he gets to spew his racist white man opinions and there’s no balancing it out with facts about how representation matters and how his interview demonstrates why racism thrives at the Oscars without the new guardrails.

  2. This is interesting on Fox v. Carlson but clearly wildly incomplete.

    One thing it does do, though, is make it clear that Times article by Jeremy Peters claiming Carlson was fired because of that one specific text he sent was total nonsense. Just laughable.

    The other character in the Rolling Stone story, Irena Briganti, should ring a bell for Gawker readers of yore. They were on the case 15(!) years ago.

    The Rolling Stone article claims:

    In pleading his case, Carlson argued Briganti spent too much time badgering on-air talent and the channel’s personnel; that she was generally incompetent and mean-spirited; and that she regularly engaged in dirty tricks against him and other hosts and contributors, when her job was ostensibly to protect them.

    That gloss is about as meaningless as what Jeremy Peters wrote, though. Carlson had to know that was a laundry list of reasons why Fox execs like Briganti, not why they might fire her.

    She enforces policy and structure at Fox. Carlson wasn’t fighting her, he was fighting some aspect of Fox policy and/or its lineup of execs. And we still don’t know what that fight really was.


      • That article mentions Fox has Carlson under contract until January 2025 and must pay him $20 million/year until then, roughly $30 million in total. They’re also dragging in ratings now. But I strongly think they priced that into the Dominion settlement costs when they dumped him.

        I’m increasingly thinking that this is about internal politics more than anything else. There’s no doubt a lot of gross stuff not yet on the record, but not more gross than what’s already out there.

        I suspect there were two factions at Fox, Carlson was trying to exert leverage behind the scenes, and one of the factions has already won.

        The winners paid off Dominion, cancelled Carlson as an example to the losers of what happens to their allies, and now Carlson is stuck. There is no rivalry anymore that he can exploit. All that’s left is the kinds of dirt that got sent to the Times that leaves people scratching their heads and asking “that’s it?”

  3. The Richard Dreyfuss story is bullshit.

    Also I was really really disappointed at first because I was confusing Richard Dreyfuss with Rick Moranis (who never came across like such an asshole).

    • All reports point to Rick Moranis being a stand up guy. He had to quit acting to raise his kids after his wife passed. My boss looks like him, and I have Lord Helmet in my phone as my boss.

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