Back to the Office [DOT 12/12/22]

I hope everyone had a great weekend! I think I’m just about over the plague; I had a lot of naps this weekend. ICYMI, here’s a round up on holiday movies! Enjoy!

What the ugly, illegal, Sam Hill is this shit?

Arizona governor builds border wall of shipping crates in final days of office

I don’t know if I’ll be able to hang in til the end.

[That’ll raise $34 Billion]

Twitter is auctioning off HQ items, including a bird statue and espresso machines

This is so American.

Survivors of mass shootings are left with lifelong wounds – and mounting bills


Stock futures slip to start the week with Fed meeting, key inflation data on deck


Brittney Griner in Texas medical facility as political fallout over swap continues

Aww, RIP

‘Mom is gone’: Cher tells fans that her mother, Georgia Holt, has died

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    • I only got 2/16, which makes me think I’m a borderline/over-the-border narcissist. Of course I’m 11, harsh inner critic, but that’s only because I don’t like to be one-upped, which slides smoothly into 13, critical of others, because my knowledge, tastes, and opinions brook no disagreements from the lesser mortals I may happen to engage with. Only with my family (whom I’m very close to) and my friends (ditto) are these feelings relaxed, and from them I actually learn things, because I shut up and stop being a know-it-all asshole self-assured member of society.

      • And PS: about my utter lack of perfectionism: aside from the fact that I have a crappy 10-year-old Android phone and a very suspicious, social-media-shy Better Half, there’s a very good reason why my FYCE posts do not include photos of the results of the recipes I post. The word “perfectionism” would not leap to mind. Very tasty stuff according to those whom I’ve fed, and I haven’t poisoned anyone yet.

    • 5/12. As number 4 of 5, I mostly got ignored. My little sister, too. On the one hand, I don’t think we ended up too damaged. On the other hand, both our lives would have been easier from a career/financial perspective if our parents had taken more of an interest in us and provided better guidance. I’m just not sure they ever had the tools to do that, though. We had to figure it all out for ourselves.

      My oldest sister is a mess, and my second oldest is only slightly better. My brother, who was my father’s favorite, did okay for himself, mostly because his wife is a. smart and b. a force of nature.

      • There’s a great joy and sense of freedom in that benign neglect from when your parents are too exhausted to micro-manage, though, don’t you think? I’m like you, second youngest and a guy with a last-youngest sister. My youngest sister was Daddy’s little girl and a girl in general so she got a lot of unwelcome attention, but with me it was like, “You’re smart, though, why’d you get all As except a C in Gym and a C in Chemistry?” “Because I’m never going to be a professional football player and I couldn’t care less about the periodic table. Do you remember how I told you I co-founded my high school’s Spanish Club and founded, on my own, the high school’s German Club? That’s there, and it’s going on my high school transcript, and I’m looking at schools with no science requirements and hopefully no meaningful sports programs.”

        “Spanish would be a good thing to know nowadays.”

        “I think so too. Remember we were in the mall last week and there was that family speaking Spanish? Did you understand them? Should we call the school and get you out of Chemistry?”

        “No, parents, it’s a requirement to stay in the Honors program.”

        “Oh. Well, do your best. Did you remember to stop by the store and get the carton of Luckies?”

        “Yes. They’re in the cabinet.”

        Those were the days.

        • Oh, I had massive amounts of freedom. Basically ran wild up until graduate school, with all that implies. First bar at age 15. And honestly, I can’t say I’d have followed any advice from my parents, so it’s not like I’m nursing a grudge. But I wish they’d talked to me about careers.

    • I’d say about half of those apply to me. I got a lot of the “we know you’re so smart, why are you failing x subject?” stuff from my parents. ADHD wasn’t really considered to affect girls at the time and therefore went untreated, that’s why I was failing half my classes, Mom! I’m overly self-critical and a perfectionist, which often paralyzes me from trying new things because what if it’s not perfect the first time??? 

      I’ll have to show O-H this article… I bet he’ll recognize most of the points :/ his dad was… something.

  1. I’ve been sick too, Meg. I finally am starting to feel human again. I slept like 16 hours on Saturday.

    I just couldn’t slack off last week. A co-worker is going on vacation and needed everything done for the next three weeks by today. I really like her and I didn’t want to spoil her vacation so I trudged through. But damn, by Friday I was in rough shape. 

  2. Did anyone watch the finale of “White Lotus” (Season 2)? Hoo boy. I suppose this is better put off until next Saturday’s Brain Drain, so others who were not as obsessive as I can catch up.

  3. Shipping containers? Seriously? What idiot thought that was a good idea? Jesus, MAGA is synonymous with moron. Let’s guess what will happen here:

    1. Homeless people will move into the shipping containers.

    2. Precisely zero illegal immigrants will find them much of a barrier, because you can just hook a rope to the top, climb up, stroll to the other side, and let yourself down. That’s presupposing any illegals actually ever cross in those locations.

    3. People will simply cut doorways through the shipping containers.

    4. People will start scavenging materials from the shipping containers, on both sides.

    5. Wildlife will move into the shipping containers (silver lining?).

    6. Taxpayers will shell out millions if not billions to clean up this mess and mitigate the damage to the national forest.

      • The new Democratic governor has already pledged to remove that shit. So this is that asshole Ducey pulling performative bullshit that seriously fucks up the environment because why does he give a shit if a national forest is fouled if he can somehow momentarily own the libs (who will immediately fuck up his plan). These Republican fuckers do. not. care. how much damage they do if they can get a 10-second “attaboy” on fucking Fox News.

  4. I just saw a reference to this article on Twitter’s horrifying IT setup, and deep within it was this astounding bit — production, development and testing are all done in the same system!

    I’m not an IT guy, but even I know you never, ever do that. I guess the most charitable reading is that they may have separate environments but using them is optional?

    Some 30 percent of company laptops blocked automatic software updates carrying security fixes, and thousands of laptops had complete copies of Twitter’s source code, making them a rich target for hackers, it alleges. A successful hacker takeover of one of those machines would have been able to sabotage the product with relative ease, because the engineers pushed out changes without being forced to test them first in a simulated environment, current and former employees said.

    “It’s near-incredible that for something of that scale there would not be a development test environment separate from production and there would not be a more controlled source-code management process,” said Tony Sager, former chief operating officer at the cyberdefense wing of the National Security Agency, the Information Assurance division.

    • Point of order: I personally always thought she could be a bigger piece of shit. There’s literally no bottom to her stupidity and evil. Of the triumvirate of shitty politicians, she actually outperforms Bobo and Gaetz. And she’s a con artist and he’s a sex trafficker.

  5. I’ve been sick the last couple weeks, too (most likely RSV, according to the doc at the urgent care). I’m glad you’re feeling better, Meg! I’m mostly better, but still can’t shake this cough. Ugh.


  6. The holidays can be a stressful time.

    $5 million a year to advise “athletic scholars” how to run around with basketballs at a state-funded university. I suppose that’s a bargain compared to the University of Kentucky’s basketball coach John Calipari, who rakes in $9.27 million a year, which, I’m guessing, is more than the cumulative gross income of several Kentucky counties. According to US News & World Report, that’s worth 721 in-state tuitions. Nice.

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