Bad Advertising [NOT 8/2/23]

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Happy Wednesday!

Topic of the NOT is bad advertising. Bonus points if it’s a local business to you. Extra bonus points if it’s related to Valentine’s Day.

I heard a radio and this morning that began with “Valentine’s Day is a great day, unless you have erectile dysfunction. Call __ men’s clinic to schedule your appointment today!”



  1. Not really an ad but does make me want some cabbage & did lower my stress level by 17% so if it is a commercial we have truth in advertising.

  2. There’s nothing particularly wrong with this Walmart ad. It ran in November-December on Hulu with the basic theme that holiday prices were the same last year as before.

    I mean, Walmart is crummy, but whatever.

    What I didn’t get, though, is why it always, always came up for me. I never shop there, and my zip code isn’t a huge market either.

    This is the user experience you’d expect from a late night show on UHF in rural Nebraska in 1973 which only had one commercial from a local used car dealer to run on on 2AM broadcasts of Ice Station Zebra.

    Hulu is supposed to be a genius engine of personalized ads. Walmart creates giant numbers of commercials, so even if they had a flood the zone strategy to indoctrinate every Reservation Dogs viewer, they could have mixed up their game.

    Stuff like this keeps reinforcing for me that the entire idea of personalization and big data is a giant crock. The advertising business is a boondoggle right now.

    • I just assume that Walmart paid enough to have their ads everywhere, regardless of the customer profile. Sure you might never shop there, but the hope is you are talking to someone else and they’re complaining about prices and you go “oh! Walmart didn’t raise their prices from last year!”

      • Oh sure, and I can believe they have the $$$ to buy out the whole ad inventory. But they produce so many commercials, why was there only one running? Especially for shows people binge, it looks bad to keep repeating just that one. I’m leaning toward there being some cut rate algorithm at work and no real person looking at how it’s implemented.

    • I suspect so.  I get a lot of wingnut ads and incel channels recommendations on Youube.

      Even worse, on Ziprecruiter, I get ads for specialties I don’t want or have and rarely get a job that meets what I’m looking for. AI my ass.

  3. I heard a terrible ad for Juvederm on a podcast today. It started by saying, “your lips can do more than kiss”. My first reaction was 🤨 , lol. Then it went on to explain you can use them for words, like saying “I love you.” So use Juvederm to plump them up.  Again my reaction was 🤨, lol. Because how does having fuller lips make forming words any better? It was so weird.

    • I’m sure that juvederm and the other fillers can be used really well for some situations. For example smoothing out wrinkles around the mouth area. But the fillers in lips always look so weird to me and I don’t understand it because you can get a visually fuller lip with the right lipstick and liner.

      Also about a decade ago when I worked at Ulta, we had the claim to fame of being the store that had the one brand that was the best concealer for covering up the BRUISING that happened post-injection. That kinda soured the thought of it to me, although maybe it’s gotten better in application in the last decade?

    • Was just reading a link on Gizmodo (?) about how they seriously distort the face. The lines and scars on my face show how I’ve lived, not gonna change it because I want to look young. Might as well care about my non existent hair.

      I find the “filler” look bizarre.

  4. My favorite “bad advertising” around here HAS to be Richard Herod III, over at White Bear Mitsubish.

    He CRACKS me up, and has for… I don’t even know how long, tbh!

    He’s been making the commercials there for more than a decade, and they are just hilariously cheesy–they’re typically very tongue-in-cheek, but every so often, they’re also just incredibly cool–like the one he and The Bear did years ago, in ASL.

    They’re goofy, and corny a.f, but they’re also kinda lovable, because Richard *does* try to make folks smile–hell, back when he first started the commercials *HE* was the person acting like a goofball in the Bear Suit, because he couldn’t find anyone else willing to do it😉

    He’s also a good dude, and has been fighting for LGBTQIA+ rights in Minnesota, since he became outspoken back during MN’s “Gay Rights Amendment” back in 2012.

    Here are some articles and a few of my favorite commercials–and the blooper reel which makes me cackle every time I see it😆😂🤣💖


    • Evidently i grabbed one too many links!


      The Jingle Dress one wasn’t a link I intended to include.

      But it IS really cool, if y’all like jingle dresses & jingle dancing!


      It has nothing to do with the White Bear Mitsu commercials though!


      And editing to add–one of the other reasons I’ve always enjoyed the White Bear Mitsubishi commercials, is Richard’s commitment to doing good & being real in who he is. The ASL commercial isn’t just a “bit,” Richard really IS a CODA (Child of Deaf Adults), and yeeeeears back, when that one came out, he talked about how he’s always trying to make their ads inclusive–they’ve *always* done transcripts in the “more” section of their YouTube descriptions, and they also *ALWAYS* accurately Closed Caption the ads, too.😉😁💖

  5. the standard valentines day fare of perfumes and shit has for the last couple days mostly been knocked off the radio by various charities running fund raiser for turkey/syria

    you can practically hear the handwringing at all the funds they are going to rake in if they simply find and air every heartbreaking thing they can find…. dead kids under rubble are especially popular… bonus points for a surviving parent

    its some seriously manipulative shit even if they are just trying to help

  6. The other classic around here used to be Cotty Lowry’s real-estate ads, on the side of the Burch Pharmacy building,

    Marketing GENIUS, and they were always SO much fun to see get… decorated(?😉😂🤣💖)

    And yes, he really DID end up putting that “speech bubble” into the design of his ads, so that they could be “defaced,” without blocking the pics of whatever home he was trying to sell in that particular ad!😉


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