Bad ROI [NOT 28/11/23]

Hi, friends!

Last night we talked about things we think were good purchases that we got plenty of value from.


Let’s talk the dumb shit that we thought would be a good idea and then was just … not.

Back when juicing was suddenly a thing* I decided to splurge on a Breville juicer. It would help me eat better! Juicing is a great way to get more nutrients! OMG it’s going to be sooooo great!

Yeah turns out that not only did I realize I actually prefer chewing my food, I couldn’t get over the sheer amount of pulp that was just thrown away after juicing. I’ll happily eat whole carrots, why am I juicing them and throwing away all that fiber and pulp? Anyways, I’m sure juicing is great for lots of people, but for me it was a giant fucking waste of time.

I ended up donating that juicer to a thrift store.

*I mean it’s the Midwest, it was probably a thing on the coasts for several years before Macy’s started carrying several options



  1. hahahhahahahhaa….yeah….im gonna skip this one my love

    lets just say if anyone uses the term royally fucked all the way up……its probably named for me

  2. I guess the dumbest idea was letting cokehead narcissist move in with me. ROI of negative almost infinity.

    “Sure it would only be 3 months till she found a place… How much trouble and debt am I going to be in? She’s going to pay some rent and that will help… I am sure my workplace likes me. I just have to survive till Feb…”

    • We bought a zoodle maker at the resale shop and we actually use it.  However, I can see my (non-native born American) wife looking at me like “You Americans are some weird motherfuckers” everytime she shoots a batch of spiral squash noodles or fancy potato chips.

  3. I bought a pair of glasses online because they were really cheap.  They were really cheap.

    When I try to wear them, it feels like someone’s trying to screw my eyes out of my head.  They look good on me though.  Fortunately, they’re only a backup pair for me so I’m just out the dough.


  4. My college degree. $38k that took me 20 years to pay off. Which was 8 years after I left the field I spent all that fucking money for. In the meantime it completely shackled my ability to start any retirement savings or do anything else that would have been financially beneficial.

    This includes my masters degree which I got forced into by my employer and now I do a completely different job for them.

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