…bank on it [DOT 13/4/20]

…do you know what they call today…well, in some places anyway?

…a bank holiday…as in even the fucking bank takes the day off…which used to be a way of saying everyone gets the day off because how does anyone do any business if the banks are closed

…so maybe I’ll manage to get up & put together a more substantial something or other to sit here in case anyone happens by today…which all things being equal is plausible at some point…but just so you know the traditional bank holiday weekend in the UK is a fine & venerable tradition that more or less guarantees at least one Bond movie on the telly

…but I’ve missed the last few of those one way or another so I may have to spend all day watching back to back to back Bond films out of an excess of nostalgia…in which case the chances this gets more interesting drop precipitously, I’m afraid

…still…could be worse



    • I know a lot of people didn’t like Roger Moore as Bond. But I enjoyed the sense of self awareness he brought to the ridiculousness of the gadgets, villains and stories. I haven’t seen any of the Daniel Craig Bond movies. Possible pandemic watch.

      • …Bond is kinda like Batman in that respect…the character is significantly different according to both the depiction & the context both of which tend to speak considerably to a particular era

        …give or take some dated special effects Connery was a Bond who was in many respects a nasty piece of work with a roguish charm where Moore was more of a polished but slightly camp kind of unruffled dilettante persona supposedly hiding that core of proficiency sort of like the Adam West Batman to Connery’s Michael Keaton, approximately

        …poor old Lazenby probably ends up as Clooney by default & Craig I guess most people would tag for Bale & a return to high budget gritty stuff with realistic violence…but I tend to be biased against the Bale version so as I sign of respect I guess I’d peg Craig to the guy that voiced the cartoons (I want to say Kevin Conroy but probably should have checked) which would leave Bale open to cover the Brosnan movies?

  1. …and this just in:

    The constitution and supreme court rulings matter not to big dumb dictator…at least until the supreme court rules in his favour by blocking NY prosecutors and congess access to his financial records and taxes. Then it will matter and have done a “tremendous job” stopping the hoax/witch hunt.

    • Gaaaaahhhhhh!!!!

      ^^^This^^^ was exactly what the cardiac med folx I follow on twitter were *trying* to get people to understand BEFORE anyone used the drugs, or developed the cardiac (and retinopathy!) side effects which can occur with use🙃

      But, OF COURSE, since the folks who make “the ruelz!” don’t seem to include any doctors, health experts, or epidemiologists, we just get *more* deaths & disability.

      That’s also why this coterie of scoundrels & nepotists–the Council to ReOpen America(‘s Kakistocracy)… or CROAK for short, will most likely make *more* Americans croak;

      ‘Rage Against The Poor’: Americans Mock Trump’s New ‘Council to Reopen America Panel’

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