Be Smart [NOT 6/1/22]

image of sitting meerkat with the text "Go Ahead. Take a break."

Hi, friends!

Yesterday I was getting a dry cough and I was like oh fuck I’m getting sick. And then later I had a bloody nose, at which point my dumb brain connected the dots and realized I needed to plug in the humidifier. Problem solved today.

So, I hope your Thursday is going well.

Please remember to drink some water or get a nap or run a humidifier etc etc because these things really help!



  1. Also I was on a tech demo call today with another team and it was so bad that my team members and I were talking about how we were shocked someone had worse demos than us. Made us feel quite a bit better about our shitty demos!

  2. Omnicron is marching through work. We now have 17 er 18 workers in my dept (out of 100) sick or in isolation. It has been less than two weeks since the first case popped up.

    Shit. We’re fucked.

  3. My daughter is on day 2 after her positive test and still no symptoms for her or us. We’re keeping our fingers crossed that Monsieur (Herr? Madame?) Pfizer knows her stuff.

    • If she is fully vaxxed she may not get any symptoms or get sick at all.  That is why I am against people basing life on tests.  The other part is most of those tests are not as accurate as they claim.  If you feel bad, stay away from people but if you are not sick and fully vaxxed, you are not much of a risk to yourself or others if you are masking.

      • She’s triple vaxxed, we’re triple vaxxed, and I think the odds are in our favor as far as having problems.

        She’ll be fine as far as classwork if she does remote learning for the next week, we’re fine in stay at home mode, and if it means taking some germs out of the airwaves, I’m all for staying home.

        No need to make a big deal of it, knock on wood. We’ve got all the fixings for big pots of chili and restaurants that can deliver if we get sick and can’t cook for some reason. We’ll be fine.

  4. Great news! I got a settlement of $19 for some issue with milk companies price gauging/setting.

    Still haven’t seen one red cent from when Trans Union or whoever it was compromised my personal data along with like 40 million other people, but hey at least those milk people learned their lesson.

  5. We’re having Night Cheese/a belated New Year’s nosh of allthechiz! and some other munchables at our place tonight😉😁🤗



    I still maintain “It’s NEVER ‘too much cheese’ unless most of it goes bad before it’s gone!”😉😁🥳


    Although I will admit to 24 different cheeses** being bit of *muchness* and perhaps more than is in the fridge of the average Yogi Bear…

    but if the FSM didn’t want us to enjoy a VARIETY of cheeses at once, why would this look like just a *tiny* selection of any respectable grocery store’s cheese case😉😁😄💖


    **these are just the “cheese plate” types of cheese in our fridge… it’s not the sliced, shredded, or shakey-container types we have😜🥳

    • I thought maybe you were doing some kind of fondue thing.

      Come to think of it, I think we have a fondue pot buried somewhere and some old cheese in the fridge, and January just might be the time for that.

  6. i have a chronic cold/hacking cough….smoking for 20 some years will do that

    anyways…at the moment…its fucking hilarious getting a good wheeze on near co workers

    (masked of course…im not a monster)

    tested negative at the start of the week and getting boosted tomorow… so far my anti social nature paired with masks and 6ft seems to have worked just fine at keeping me plague free

    that said….my co workers are dropping like flies…and thats despite being in lock down….gonna be fun next week as the schools open up again

    (somehow the gubment logicked out that primary and secondary schools should open for in person learning but higher education should go zoom…..seems a little bass ackwards to me….surely you’d want the group not yet allowed to vaccinate and notoriously bad at keeping distance to stay home instead of the ones alledgedly growed up enough to follow rules?)

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