Behold: Independence – A Child Is Born

Nature doing it's thing

First steps

Early this morning, our baby donkey was born. Her name is Independence (Pendy for short). Both mother and baby are healthy and doing just fine. You will have to excuse my false alarm regarding the impending birth back in May. I have since learned that the gestation period for a donkey is almost 12 months. I mean, I’m a city boy and can’t be expected to know such things.

My wife said, “She has your nose,” and I didn’t even mind. Now excuse me, all that water coming from my eyes is totally because of allergies.

Getting up
Almost there


  1. Oh my! Congratulations to the Vuoto family! Having no idea of donkey gestation either, I hesitated to keep asking you. Thank you for posting! Pendy is darling, Mama looks quite proud, and I  bet that you are exhausted, Luigi. Yippee! Best wishes! Mazel tov! Felicitations!

  2. Congrats on the new addition


  3. Congrats on the new arrival!!!

  4. As a veteran of many an equine birth, I know it can be a pretty hair raising experience.  Looks like everything worked out just right, so enjoy your new addition.

  5. OMFG.
    The ears, the nose, the legs, everything is too long. She’s the cutest.

  6. happy donkey day!

  7. Congratulations on your adorable new donkey! ❤️

  8. BABY!!!! Congrats she’s adorable! So glad momma and bebe are doing well!

  9. OMG. congrats and so cute!!

  10. Sorry I missed this when you posted, @luigi-vuoto. Congrats. Glad they are both doing well!

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