Best Gift [NOT 24/12/22]

Best gift you ever got or gave?

The best gift I ever got was an Eddie Bauer backpack. It served me well for almost 40 years till the zippers finally broke this year. It’s been all over the world with me from Korea to France and many places in North America. I’ve lost it twice, but both times recovered it (once in Toronto during Queen’s Vanier Cup Championship, it took a couple of hours of drunkenly dragging my pissed off friends to every damn place we went/stumbled to find it.) Sure there were gifts that were more fun but sometimes it is the one that never fails you when you needed it.

I think the best gift I ever gave was cash, specifically tuition. I helped out my sister by giving her 1/3 of her first year tuition for the Masters program she enrolled in. It was the least I could do. Sure I could be a pain in the ass brother, but sometimes family needs a hand especially when she was at odds with parents who didn’t want to help her. It helped her launch her professional career.

BTW, Merry Christmas/Happy Holidays to everyone.



  1. i think the best gift i ever got was a flight home

    i mean…we had a flight home…. but easyjet… a dusting of snow happened and they up and cancelled our flight….told me we could get another one free of charge…in fucking januari

    i didnt have the funds to book another flight and i didnt have the time off to take a january trip

    soo me mum booked us a flight with transavia…

    got us home for crimbo….and it was a white one….which is exceptionally rare here

    used the opportunity to point at every dog track in the snow to tell me daughter thats snow leopard tracks…. she was little enough to be worried about that

    i owe me mum a lot for all shes done

  2. Probably the best gift I got was a plane ticket. Years ago my bestie was getting married in a different state and I worked a shitty retail job. My parents covered the airfare to get me there as my Christmas gift.

    Best gift I gave? That same bestie was obsessed with a niche character from a big series and I found artists on etsy who made a bunch of stuff with them on it. She was so excited I almost cried I was so happy.

  3. I’ve gotten a lot of nice gifts over the years, most of them practical. I can’t really think of anything in particular. The most memorable gift I ever gave was to my father. He liked dressing well, and had great fashion sense. He was already a thin man but in the last few years lost so much weight that all his good clothes were much too big. He bought a couple of new suits and I found a beautiful, very expensive white dress shirt for his Christmas gift that year. And I cried when I wrapped it because I knew it was the shirt he would be buried in, and it was. I think he knew it too but wasn’t sad or morbid about it. It was one more thing settled for him.

  4. I want to say something deep,but when I was about six it was some kind of parking garage? With plastic cars or something? I think there was an elevator that went up and down with a crank?

    Really, what beats a plastic parking garage when you’re six?

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