Better Late than Never [NOT 13/9/21]

Tired after a long weekend, just like me

Hi, friends!

Sorry I’m late. Work ran long and then I had to make some food.

How is your Monday? Anything exciting happen?



  1. Making another eggplant parm.  I have two challenges.  The first is finding space in the fridge for it to set overnight after it’s done baking.  The second is finding space in the freezer after I portion it out.

      • The polling has shifted slightly to Trudeau’s favor.  Also O’Toole is bleeding some support to the right wing crazies of the People’s (eye roll) Party of Canada thanks to his mush mouthy bullshit on vax mandates and that the overwhelming majority of anti-vax fuckwits are right wingers.
        I don’t know if he’s going to win a majority which was the purpose of this election, but it is a hell of a lot better than three weeks ago when it seemed that Trudeau was stumbling and ready to lose.  The debates and recent events (like Alberta’s con inspired COVID meltdown) helped him.  Even a stronger minority will help at this point.

  2. 3-hour-plus conference call, but I’ve gotta say that this one was actually worthwhile. Worked collaboratively with the team on our end-delivery, and lots of things got found and were fixed.

  3. I yelled at my bank to try to get them to perform the basic paperwork necessary to get money transferred from another institution.  Third time I’ve talked to this dope, and when I told him I needed to escalate this he started trying to explain to me what really needed to happen.
    Bank of America customer service sucks.

      • Not yet, but another less convenient branch sounds more promising.
        They’ve shut down a ton of branches and claimed it’s temporary due to Covid, but I am pretty sure they’re just laying off a ton of customer service people and throwing up roadblocks for basic services in the hopes customers will just stop asking.

        • This is not terribly interesting but my well-known bank, rhymes with “Brace”, as in “Brace yourself, you’re about to deal with their customer service,” used to have two branches across the street from each other. (This is was from the era when each block had to have two bank branches per Starbucks outlet, and there had to be two Starbucks for every Subway franchise. New York is the most exciting city in the world.)

          One branch had about a dozen ATMs in its large lobby, and then an escalator brought you downstairs, where a vast open-plan set=up had multiple desks and “work stations.” Then, at the end, were about a dozen teller windows. It was two storefronts in from the corner and fairly discreetly signaged.

          Across the street was a branch right on the corner was a wee outpost with three lobby ATMs, one of which was always not working. Inside was a cramped smattering of “work stations” and a couple of teller windows staffed by people doing their vocational training from a halfway house. It was always mobbed because this branch sat on top of one of the busiest subway stations in the system. I also think through an unmarked door there is a methadone clinic/substance abuse counseling center but this I can’t prove.

          Guess which branch got shut down?

  4. first day back at work….its still a giant mess….now with more rules for me to break
    more importantly tho…after almost 3 weeks of sleeping like a baby (who came up with that saying? its meaning does not match how i remember babies) 1 day back at work..and im back to waking up at 3 am (see now..that is how i remember babies)
    i think i have some form of alarm clock anxiety that leads me to wake up randomly thinking its time for work

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