Better late than never! [NOT 21/12/21]

Hi, friends!

Sorry I am late with the NOT. I’d love to say there was some cool reason, but it’s because my haircut appointment ran late and then I got distracted and went to the grocery store.

How is your day going? Anything fun happen?



  1. In news of the ridiculous, I swear there’s a college football bowl for basically anything. There’s probably a TidePods Bowl at this point.


    I’m watching the Tropical Smoothie Cafe Frisco Bowl.

    I guess there was a Frisco Bowl and then they decided to get those sweet sponsorship $$$.

  2. I got a lot done today, both at work and at home (same place, so…), which means I will not feel bad taking it very easy tonight!

  3. I got packages off to people who were last minute visit cancellations due to understandable Covid concerns. The bad news was that express shipping is pricey, but the good news is that the clerks were amazingly efficient and helpful considering the last minute crush.

  4. Booked my 3rd shot late Sunday. It happens mid Jan.


    The province opened it up for under 50s on Monday. Earliest appointment is now end of Feb.

    3400+ cases today.

    Just came back from probably my last gym workout before the next lockdown.

    • I’m sorry it’s taking so long. Stay well.

    • congrats, and here’s to hoping for minimal side effects

  5. Happy winter solstice everyone! I signed on to host a last minute Xmas Eve dinner with the two families in my pod. Looking forward to trying to have adult conversations while 5 kiddos under 5 run wild. It’s also scheduled to snow on Xmas which is a nice touch. Thank you Gaia!

  6. ooo look at you….gets to go out for a haircut!

    fucking lockdown…bah humbug!

    welp…at least today is my last day of work….and i get my criffmaff box

    then ive got till januari 3rd to do nothing…whoopwhoop!

    have i mentioned this time the lockdown is pissing me off?

    • Maybe the new season of Aggretsuko can help with the pissiness.

      • Can’t hurt


  7. welp…criffmaff box provided comfort eats

    sooo…thats cheered me up some

    tho tbh…i think what really helped was getting a $500 bonus in my paycheck…i should make it till christmas at least before i get pissy again now :p

    • That’s a sweet haul for a gift box!

      Even better about the bonus!!!

      I’m 37 and never worked somewhere where there is a holiday bonus so when someone mentions one I’m always like oh yeah those sometimes still exist…

      • 39 here

        its traditional you get something for the holidays

        but many places dont bother nowadays

        its fucking sweet

        the bonus is even sweeterer

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