Better late than never! [NOT 25/5/23]

Hi, friends!

Open thread, what’s on your mind this Thursday night?



  1. im trying to figure out american wages

    it makes no sense to me

    the classes i mean

    like….in some places 100k per annum in considered middle class?

    the fuck?

    i make a third of that

    and im mostly comfortable…unless everything breaks all at once…which it always does

    just how fucking expensive is everything over there?

    i mean….ive only been there for 3 months and mostly lived on dollar star burgers fries and free refills

    • 100% based on cost of living where a person is and if they have health issues. Also just assume 95% of America geographically is where you really need a car.

      People with insurance but who have health issues may often be spending 5k or more on health-related expenses.

      You can rent a 1 bedroom apartment in my zip code for $850 a month. A 1 bedroom apartment where my company’s other corporate offices  are $2000-2400 a month.

      Also if your kids need to go to daycare, that’s easily gonna be $7000-9000 a year.

      Economically, since I have a car and no kids, I could live a middle class life in St Louis for about 40k a year. But not in a lot of other places, nor if I had kids.

      • Student loans are a huge drag too for a lot of people. If people have to borrow for anything else like emergency medical stuff or a car crisis the interest for all of that can be a killer.

        • i mean….that is a perk of being mostly uneducated… debts me…no savings either… but shit could be worse

      • okay yeah…cost of living is a lot higher over there

        i pay $720 a month for a 3 bedroom house with a garden front and back, 120 for my medical insurance + at most 375 a year own risk if i actually need fixing (i learnt that means…basically one broken toe means im paying 375…but after that everythings covered) plus all bills sets me back around 1300

        which is pretty doable on my 35k a year….course…if the gubment would tax all the rich and the corporations instead of me i’d be earning closer to 55k a year…

  2. I might need to go on an elimination diet because something I eat is giving HZ3 painful gas and reflux. I highly suspect soy to be the culprit. Damn you soy! Y U in everything?!?

    • are you veggi?

      coz soy is in most everything veggi

      but if you arent just switch back to meat and fresh veggies (or frozen…they might actually be fresher than the fresh ones)

      the beauty of fresh is you control everything what goes in to it….makes it easy to figure whats what

      (i only know this coz i spent 6 months trying to find pesto without pinenuts before i learnt i could make it with cashews)

      • I’m an omnivore. I mostly make everything myself. With elimination diets, it takes two weeks each to reintroduce the main culprits. So that’s the annoying part. Soy, gluten and dairy are top of the list.

        I make pesto with basil, arugula, feta and walnuts.

        • Mmmm to the pesto.

        • that sounds pretty good actually

          i dont do elimination diets


          i pretty much work on the rules of… i like this?

          and are the side effects worse than working hungover?

          its a pretty basic tasty v pain diagram

          i lean heavily towards tasty

        • i also only just worked out hz3 means the elimination diet is not for yourself….coz i are smart….. derp

    • *waves from over here with a soy allergy*

      Yes, it is in everything.

      Typically soybean oil is fine for many people because it’s so heavily processed that it denatures the proteins.

      But also, be careful too with “textured vegetable protein” since that can also be soy. I didn’t know what miso was until that one time I had miso soup. Soy flour also is in a fuckton of commercial flour and bread blends, also Dunkin Donuts.

      • It’s in all the breads! Which made me think gluten was the problem with HZ2 but I eventually phased pasta back into my diet without a reaction.

  3. Mental-health *not so fun* times, up here. I’ve been thoroughly wiped out lately, what with that “end of the school year scramble” to get that brand-new classroom running as well as possible (we STILL have little ones who are *starting* early childhood special education services around the district–a couple classrooms have children whose *first* days of service are the last two days of the school year**😳😧😢

    And because I’ve been just trying to push on through lately, and *not* ‘having time to deal with stuff, i didn’t ice until *this morning* how many traumatic incidents I’ve had over the last 15-or-so years, during/ near/ around Memorial Day weekend🙃

    15 years ago, the Hugo tornado hit… that storm *started* out in the far northwest exurbs–where I was living at the time taking out windows, siding, & totaling my vehicle & many others in our neighborhood…then 9 years ago, at 2:30-ish that Friday afternoon,I got a call from moms manager at her then-new assisted living facility, saying Mom had no waivers to pay for her new apartment… the manager was going to give us until that Tuesday to get them, or move mom back out… and I was going to have to figure it out, less than 2 weeks, after I had my distal pancreatectomy–i still had allll my staples in!🙃

    Three years ago *today,* George Floyd was murdered, just a couple miles from here… and then the firebugs came out, and MFD was overwhelmed, while MPD did jack-all…

    I spent most of that week walking the halls of our building with Lily–from 10pm til daybreak–on fire watch because the liquor store across our narrow alley had no sprinkler system..

    Then my body went *right* back into hyper-alert mode, the following April, when Daunte Wright was murdered.

    My first year at the school district was hellish-chaos, because my classroom teacher thst year (rightfully!!!) used up as much of her vacation time as possible before the end of the year–because she wasn’t tenured, and it was a “Use it or Lose it!” situation (i TOLD her to use it! But we had a bunch of “year-end” kids that year, too, and that meant *I* was the one consistent staff in the room every day, trying to explain to the revolving cast of subs *what* our children liked & disliked…

    We grocery workers became “essential” at some point around May 2020, and it took a piece of paper from corporate, to allow me to drive back & forth to that overshopped store I was at back then…

    And then *this* Memorial Day weekend is just past the 9-month anniversary of Lily’s death, and Sunday is the 6-month anniversary of Dad’s death…

    And *somehow,* apparently–even though my conscious brain had forgotten ^^alllllll that,^^ my subconscious was tracking it ALL…

    So this morning was basically “near-panic attack” central (i was ONLY able to stop from tipping *fully* into them, because I was literally stopping myself & taking deliberate breaths, every few minutes😉😂🤣💖

    (Some things I learn at work are incredibly useful–even if it’s *not* my kiddos using them, but me, instead!😉)

    I was debating going to HCMC’s Mental-health walk-in clinic… but ended up getting Bessel Van Der Kolk’s “Thr Body Keepsthe Score” (the title that slammed it’s way into my brain, mid-attacks this am, and I’m reaching out to Optum in the morning.

    It was a DAY, y’all!!!

    but at least *now,* the crap is up in my *conscious* rather than driving ike 80 drunks through my *sub* conscious!😉💖



    **It happens that way to one extent or another, just because of the way SPED Law is set up in the US–a district has 30 days to begin providing services, after an IEP (Individualized Education Program) is developed…

    So alllll those little Covid Babies who were only *recently* evaluated–and whose IEP’s juuuuuust got written? They MUST be offered services to meet their educational needs–even though there are only *two* weeks of school left!

    The poor tykes get yanked ALL around, schedule & routine-wise, and it akes us staffers feel absolutely terrible for them, because *that* many transitions over just a couple months is ROUGH!

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