Beware! [DOT 15/3/21]

Beware the Ides of March, especially when it combines with Daylight Savings Time…
Daylight-saving time is literally killing us — it’s time to end this switch

If you missed anything from this weekend, catch up here, here, and here!

This is my shocked face :/

Officials located December recording of Trump call in a trash folder on Georgia investigator’s device

Ummmm, he doesn’t look that great to me!

My ex is TD1 and I’ve seen him spray the entire kitchen with Pam, throw a bowl of oatmeal, and kick out the screen door while having low blood sugar. You know what he never did though?

The announcer who blamed his racism on diabetes? That’s the Oklahoma I grew up in

Just chillin…

Cellist Yo-Yo Ma gives impromptu performance at Covid vaccine centre

The Grammys were on last night. Did you watch?

Have a good day – be safe out there!



    JLo and Arod did not break up – all is right with the world…

  2. Although he looks like he could stand to wash a bit better in this video, my goodness but it is a sweet, sexy song. Harry Styles (age 27) is dating Olivia Wilde (age 37), (at list for media purposes) and I approve.

    And lefter from yesterdays Daylight Savings Time discussion, I am against twice a year clock resets – it is difficult enough for me to deal with 6-7 time zones a day at work. And the four dogs do not reset.


    • I’ve heard some proposals that we all switch to a certain global time, and just have local variations on when things open/happen.
      I’d be ok with that.

      • The big argument around here is if one New England state does does away with DST they all have to and NH will do a contrarian thing because NH, live free or die, mofo. It’s exhausting.

  3. Trump in an open casket at his funeral, surrounded by the worst people at Mar-a-Lago all tweeting: “He’s never looked better!!!!! Libs running scared!!!!!!!!!!”

    • He got his ass kicked last time.  Am I supposed to be scared because they’re going to “fix” all the “fraud” that didn’t happen?

      • Lost the popular vote twice, lost the House, lost the Senate (though Georgia, no less), lost several statehouses, accomplished nothing popular, raised a bunch of money for himself but not for campaigns or the party … personality cults are weird.

      • Well, considering that a bunch of statehouses, particularly in places like Georgia and Arizona, are seeking to pass legislation to plug what few holes they had left in their rigged systems…yeah, it’s still a concern.

  4. I did not watch the Grammys because — humblebrag forthcoming — the only one I cared about was announced pre-show, allowing me to say that my mother is now a two-time Grammy winner! So that was pretty cool 🙂

    • Billie Eilish is your mom? She must be older than her bio says.

      • Uh, I’ll ask you not to mock my time-traveling family’s complicated relationships, especially after my grandfather was just born this week.

        • Thank your mom and grandfather for helping the Avengers defeat Thanos, please. Their assistance was appreciated!

    • Okay, bragging only works if you tell us what your mother won. 

  5. Trump looks like shit.  And his moobs are bigger.  And it looks like he’s sucking in his gut.
    Why would I freak out if a 78 dementia patient/loser/cult leader runs again?

    • Exactly. He looks enormous. Dude, I know all about the Florida sun, but white does you NO favors. I actually find it reassuring, because I’m hoping for a severely debilitating health event or preferably death before 2024, and that’s not a healthy old man.
      Honestly, the longer he hangs around, the worse it is for Republicans. He’s sucking up donations and attention, and if he can’t run, they’ll be sitting around going, who else we got? Rubio? 
      Republican leadership still hasn’t figured out how personality cults work. Trump goes bye-bye and all these MAGAts will crawl back under rocks and wait for another crazy racist asshole to “activate” them. Rick Scott ain’t gonna get that job done. 

      • No, but Fucker Carlson could!

        • Oh, God. You had to say that, didn’t you? Insomnia, here I come. Shit. 

          • Well, okay then: 
            Trump claims he had ‘many meetings’ about helping dogs after taking $1.8 million from animal rescue charity
            Wait, hold on now:
            “NCRM searched the archives of the Trump White House and found many references to dogs, few positive, and none involving meetings about helping save dogs.”
            But surely Trump wouldn’t lie …
            “A review of Trump’s calendar as president reveals no other events or meetings focused on dogs or pets,” the Post’s Philip Bump reports.
            Huh. I guess Trump lied. Imagine that.  

            • @bryanlsplinter I have no doubt trump made many references to dogs while in the White House. But he was referring to the women who accused him of rape.

              • Yeah, the phrase “few positive” pretty much gives that away. 

                • Plus I meant for that comment to go under the one about Lara Trump. Threading is hard, y’all. 

      • Just realized that’s Lara Trump, another thieving Trump grifter, in the picture. As it turns out, she’s been steering money from her dog rescue to Daddy-in-law:
        Nobody tell Ellie, okay? I’m afraid she might track Lara down. 

        • @bryanlsplinter Ohhh – now I am enraged – you have (after I thought it impossible) provided me with yet another reason to really, really hate that family. (Pauses to look up the appropriate circle of hell) she appears to be a future resident of circles four, five, eight and nine, along with the rest of those grifting bad people named Trump. Family reunions will be mighty hot.

        • She must have rationalized that she was “rescuing” the biggest sort of dog who gives canine dogs a bad name. 

        • I couldn’t figure out what animal rescue would have that kind of cash to donate to him in the first place, and now it makes more sense. 

  6. “Officials located December recording of Trump call in a trash folder on Georgia investigator’s device”
    Hmm. Not quite sure how it works in Georgia because backwoods hillbilly rules apply there, but in Florida (only slightly less backwoods hillbilly) that’s an actual CRIME. 

  7. I’ll believe this shit when these companies close any and all offices in states that pass these fucking laws!

    and this story proves that not everyone in the Trump administration was dumb, just evil…

    • When they commit to stop funding the campaigns of these idiots….
      Newsweek, which has slid into weirdo conservative coverage, conveniently frames the demands of voting rights groups as involving denunciation of the effort, which the corporations happily cover with a PR statement.
      The groups are actually asking for action as well and demanding corporations cut off donations to anti-democracy legislators, and yet Coke, Delta, UPS and others are hiding when it comes to putting their money where their mouths are.

      • That’s because they want their money to make more money, and they can only do that with these fucking right wing corporate whores.

  8. Profiles in stupid:
    Lots of interviews with MAGA morons.
    Reached after the session, [Tom Frieden, a former director of the Centers for Disease Control] said that he had been prepared for the Trump voters to be suspicious of his guidance but that the often-emotional reactions still caught him off-guard, including that the fear of the vaccines was initially greater than the fear of getting very sick from the virus.
    “I didn’t realize the depth of feeling that the vaccine has been weaponized and politicized.”

      • Well, that’s hilarious.  Different headline, same link.  Where’s my edit button?

      • To be fair, it’s understandable why nobody wants to waste time trying to “educate” Trump supporters. 
        “Never attempt to teach a pig to sing; it wastes your time and annoys the pig.” – Robert A. Heinlein 

    • Honestly all this was obvious as soon as vaccines began being discussed.

      There’s a stupidly huge segment of the US population already completely unwilling* to get a fucking flu shot. It’s reasonable that most of those folks would also be anti-covid vaccine. More so since the timeline was expedited for development. 

      Like I have a coworker who told me last year that they never get flu shots because “that’s how the govt would kill people super fast if they wanted to.”

      *I say unwilling because I know there are lots of folks who are uninterested because they don’t have high exposure risk, etc, but aren’t philosophically against flu vaccines

  9. I have never watched a Grammy, Emmy, People’s Choice, or MTV Music Awards show, and I generally have no idea what’s popular or relevant.

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