Biff. Is. Not. Jesus.

Holy fuck.

I wish I could make this up. I wish that I could believe that our Representatives are the best of us. I cannot.

This is why.

Barry Loudermilk believes that Biff is being crucified to a worse extent than Christ. Look, I’m Jewish and therefore not big on the whole Jesus thing, but I know my theology well enough to know that this guy is full of more shit than a waste recycling center. If you live in Georgia’s 11th district, do the country a favor and get this guy booted the fuck outta here.

I’m fairly sure that Jesus never had to pay massive fraud-related fines, nor was he married multiple times and fathered children that he wanted to fuck. That Republicans put this guy up as a paragon like this should freak any real Christian right the fuck out. This. Guy. Is. Not. Christ!

Again, holy fuck.

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  1. Remember when Americans freaked out because John Lennon stated The Beatles were bigger than Jesus Christ? A statement obviously meaning more popular, not greater than. The Beatles had vision, and talent. How the hell did this carnival barker, grifter, the very personification of corruption become greater than Jesus Christ to the Christian Right? It’s unfathomable.

  2. I grew up (mostly) Catholic, though I am totally atheist now. I had a LOT of religious education.

    Worshiping someone as equal to or above Jesus or God is basically the worst thing you can do in the Bible.

    The worst.

    There are other common themes that go throughout which are explicitly unrecognizable to modern Christianity – the questioning of authority, revolt against tyranny, redistribution of wealth – but the worship thing is the top one.

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