Bird Droppings: Nesting Season vs NIMBY!

The battle for air superiority and a place to call home!

We have a new pair of red tailed hawks that are making an attempt to find a place to settle down in our neighborhood.

Unfortunately for them, the resident crows are not making it easy on them.

They move from tree to tree, sometimes splitting up but they don’t usually have too much peace.

I believe the male is trying to put his move on her here as he is literally sitting on her.

But soon enough they are chased off again & split up to confuse the crows.

We also have a coopers hawk hanging out in the same area but I am not sure it has a mate. I have seen the red tailed ones carrying sticks but not the coopers so far.

It is hard to tell the difference from this far away but when they fly over you can see the coloring and head shape is much different.

We have a pair of juvenile eagles that I have seen soaring together in this same area but they are between 2 to 3 years old and too young to be breeding though I’m not sure if they are siblings or a future couple?

You can tell they are between 2-3 by the coloring, the head will turn white as they become adults.

Hope you enjoyed & as always, love to hear your bird tales.



  1. I haven’t seen any Cooper’s hawks this year yet, but usually one family nests on a utility pole a few streets over.

    Aside from that, nothing much happening with birbs around me. I am having some work done on the house so I haven’t out the hummingbird feeder out yet. Can’t wait for that!

  2. That many raptors living there is great. We get a bunch of migrating ones but I don’t know of any nesting.

    My wife recently saw a bald eagle about a mile away which is really surprising to me. We’re far enough from any serious fish populations that it also must have been passing through, possibly from a reservoir a few miles away where they are spotted more regularly.

    • Heard an owl over at the nearby park, made a mental note to go back at dusk sometime this week.
    • Have seen the red-tails out, although not in pairs.
    • California quail are showing up under the feeders. Juncos have left.
    • My nest boxes did not attract a screech owl or a kestrel. That’s my fault, as I just mocked them up with stuff I already had. This winter I will be building some that are exactly to spec from The Peregrine Fund and the Cornell Ornithology Lab.
    • Gotta get some hummingbird feeders up soon. Have started seeing reports of them in Boise.

  3. Lovely photos as always!

    Blue jays have decided the area surrounding our home is their territory which has started a turf war with the crows. I’m just glad that they are keeping the Downy woodpeckers from using our home as their own this year.

  4. Used to have Morning Doves try to nest in the alcove above my front door. They rarely succeeded except 3 years ago when they did. However, they forgot about one thing… Crows.

    Now that my porch is now sealed up that won’t happen.

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