Booed a Second Time and It’s not Even Halloween

Last night, t-Rump, his failsons and a contingency of repubs attended a UFC fight at Madison Square Gardens. They were met with cheering crowds, according to Fox and Friends. Yes, cheering crowds yelling boo.

Fox and Friends tried to spin the great UFC Booing of t-Rump as the crowd reacting with “the brawler style of a brawler president.”

Nah, they might need to listen a little closer.


  1. Pissbaby Trump Jr. got very upset on Twitter about this.

    • Haha! God, they suck.

  2. We were all joking about Boo-urns the first time and now it’s literally happening.
    Dammit, Simpsons.

  3. Hook it to my veins. Take all my blood out and replace it with Trump being booed on national stages.

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