Bottles or Cans? [NOT 15/10/21]

Where's the bottle opener?

The My Brain Is Fried Friday NOT series of the most important questions in world continues…

Bottles or Cans!?!?

How do you prefer your beverages served? Or are you a drinking glass type of person?

I like my beer in a bottle, my soda in a can, and my cocktails in an appropriate glass. Coffee is best delivered intravenously and often.

How about you???

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  1. I frequently drink wine from a can. But I’m spending the night at my daughter’s and she fancy so we’re pouring wine from a bottle into glasses.

      • @bryanlsplinter I have bunch of crystal and glassware for all types of cocktails and wine. Either inherited or gifted or from when I was serving holiday meals for 16+ persons. So I use it, but feel totally bougie about it.

        More importantly, is the new job sucking less?

        • @Elliecoo  We have fine china and crystal from our wedding 35 years ago and I think it’s been in boxes for the last 30 years. It’s too much bother to use, even when entertaining.

          No, the new job does not suck less, but that has now become irrelevant. I’ve accepted a remote job producing content and I’m giving notice to the suck job on Monday. I’ll start the new job Nov. 1. It’s my hope that once I give notice they’ll send me home and I’ll spend the next two weeks relaxing. Fingers crossed.

          The new job is a) remote, which I didn’t really like pre-pandemic but after dragging myself to an office for two weeks I’m overjoyed b) more lucrative — the paycheck is bigger than the job I got laid off from and c) exactly what I want to do — write about accounting and finance.

          All things considered, I’m feeling pretty lucky right now.

          • @bryanlsplinter hooray!!!! Congratulations and best wishes!!! As a remote worker of 12 years, I have come to love it. Between Slack, Zoom, conference lines, and email, I have no desire to have to deal with humans in person at work. My in-office coworkers are dogs, and endorse that situation.

            • Yeah, getting laid off completely changed my priorities. I put everything I had into that job for years, and got fucking cut loose. I just don’t care about getting ahead, or supervising anyone, or engaging in office politics. Let me sit at home and write.

    • I’m sorry, did you say “wine from a can”? If so, and pardon my ignorance, is that worse than drinking boxed wine?

      The first question is for you. The second question is for any wine connoisseurs who are reading.

      And, of course, I am asking for a friend.

      • Canned wine is great for when you don’t want to drink an entire bottle or when you are doing the drinking at a picnic, etc. and didn’t want to bring glass. And if you drink wines that are best cold, in a can you can use a drink coozy to help keep the temp cold. 🙂

      • I use canned wine all the time for cooking because of the small portion and the quality isn’t terrible in WA. I like canned sparkling wine for drinking, which I pour into a champagne flute, for the same reasons.

      • Wine isn’t my drink of choice (It’s perfectly fine, and I’ll happily drink it if offered, but I feel like there is so much of a…”culture” built up around wine, that it’s difficult to just be like: “oh yeah, wine gets me drunk and tastes pretty good too.  oh, and um, I think I like that subtype more…”


        Anyways, I’ve heard people claim that if you can get an okay or better wine in a box, the box format is actually better for keeping after opening than the bottle format.  I’m guessing it’s because most boxes I’ve seen are actually mylar(?) bags within a box, so as they are emptied, the bag collapses, and oxygen isn’t really introduced into the storage container, as compared to bottles.

  2. Bottles & cans? Just clap your hands.

    No, but seriously. Bottles over cans (not because I’m one of those who insists you can taste the difference, but because the ‘90s made me wary of aluminum and Alzheimer’s). And, when possible, always pour the contents of said bottle into a drinking glass.

  3. Cans, cause they’re easier to transport, and smaller in the recycling bin. Everything gets poured into a glass.  I second having the correct beer glass. Stout glass from spigleau makes a difference.

  4. for the moment….cans

    i can bin those..and im lazy

    shits gonna change when they add bring back moneys to those

    sooo….ive got half a year till i switch to bottles…ish

  5. I have really strong preferences on this for personal use, but my opinions/judgment as to other’s choices is pretty meh.


    Also, I’m carrying a lot of old biases, picked up back in the early 90s or so?


    So, to begin with, at some point I absorbed the idea of: “beer comes in bottles and cans, okay beer comes in bottles, good beer comes in bottles that need a bottle opener”


    And then there is the cleanliness issue, i can easily empty out and rinse a typical beer bottle.  a can? not so much, there is always that little bit rolling around the edge of the rim that just doesn’t want to cross over towards the poptop opening…


    completely irrational/paranoid reasoning: a beer bottle makes for a better weapon, and/or threat display than a beer can.  (empty implied, full/unopened, I image both would serve pretty well, maybe with the edge going to the can, as it’s less likely to shatter and slice the everlivingfuck out of your hand).  And I’m currently of the opinion that if I’m expecting violence where I’m drinking, I should find a better place to drink, or maybe just stay home that night…


    counter arguments; recently a lot of craft places have been selling stuff in cans, cans are more compact and lighter, so better when I’m trying to take stuff to an event, or even take stuff home, and I imagine it saves a bit on shipping, both cost-wise, and energy/carbon.  Plus the recycling issue – glass is so easy and cheap to make, that while it’s fairly easy to recycle, it’s rarely cost-effective enough for people to consider it.  Aluminum, on the other hand, was economically viable to separate and recycle, even back before recycling and cash deposit/refund/whatever became a thing.

    I wish we could go back to/established some sort of reusable glass bottle deposit system – not just for milk, but everything.

    going on a tangent here, but just fuck disposable plastic water bottles.

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