Boxing Day [DOT 26/12/20]

I hope you had a nice Christmas if that’s your jam. And are not too hungover today.

I’ve been binge watching Bridgerton and eating non-stop, so it’s been a delightful holiday for me.

Here’s something that looks promising:

UK scientists trial drug to prevent infection that leads to Covid

What the heck? I slept through this news…

Possible human remains found near Nashville explosion site, police chief says

When is he not golfing?

Donald Trump plays golf as Congress scrambles to salvage Covid relief bill

What do you think Boxing Day is? Wrong answers only.



  1. i caught the nashville splosion yesterday…but figured i’d leave rips dot link free in the spirit of christmas lol
    its a fucking wierd one
    as previously stated….the crazy people are crazier than usual this year

    • Captain Obvious award goes to the cop who said ‘this was a deliberate act’.
      I am devoting today and tomorrow to winter sowing and killing off the bottles in the liquor cabinet with barely enough in them for a cocktail so that Monday I can take a half day and replenish.
      What are you all cooking NYE? I spent a couple of hours going through cookbooks for recipes, I’m going for asian inspired, hot and sour soup, kimchi pancake, bok choy with steamed rice, spring rolls and dumplings.
      NYD, Hoppin’ John.
      My New Year’s wish is we get out of the last days of cheeto alive. Please tell me I am being melodramatic.

      • no idea what im cooking yet…. gonna be a wierd NYE here
        tbh…ill probably just get popcorn and watch the riots…its getting messy over here
        i would tell you you’re being melodramatic…but even not cheeto specific getting out of 2020 alive sounds aspirational
        maybe im also being melodramatic…
        ( local news just put out a ten minute long 2020 recap video..which i decided to watch…coz i hate myself apparently)

        • then i decided to watch an interview with a mother daughter pair of nurses currently working the icu
          with cohens hallefuckinluja softly playing in the background
          (really…this might be a new and exciting form of my self destructive nature)

          • @Cousin Matthew’s Tingling Leg
            over here.. a normal NYE involves minor unrest and property damage
            this year..well..we’ve been having minor unrest and property damage for weeks now…mostly in protest of rona measures
            fireworks got banned, everything is shut and the assholes are bored
            the first cars have already been torched….shits escalating
            pretty sure this year the minor unrest wont be so minor
            thankfully the gubment has made a foolproof plan to keep people inside
            a day long live streamed music festival will be sure to work
            yeah…. this ones going to be messy

    • That’s a special kind of fucked up for sure.  Speaking as someone who used to live there (and who is very familiar with the location where the bomb went off), there is a fuckton of crazy in TN–and not just in the rural areas either.  TN is simply the less publicity prone version of FL or TX, but make no mistake that these fuckers are fruitier than a nutcake.

      • I’m gonna go out on a limb here and say it was Trump supporters. Well, that’ s a pretty easy guess. That’s like saying it was white males, which, in fact, I guess I am saying. Question is, is it secessionists, seditionists, white supremacists, Nazis, evangelicals, preppers, or some other subset of the insane? 

  2. We are bingeing “Murdoch Mysteries,” a crime show centered around Detective William Murdoch of the Toronto Constabulary at the turn of the 20th century. It’s on its 14th season and there are over 200 (one-hour) episodes so far, so that should keep us going for a while.
    It’s delightful and charming, and often a famous historical figure will appear. In the one we’re in the middle of a Mr. Henry Ford of Detroit has shown up. The only gripe I have about it is that there are very obvious places where the commercial breaks are supposed to go but those are ignored by Hulu and they instead pop up willy nilly.  So there will be a scene where a woman says, “Yes, she is my sister,” the music swells, but then the show glides on. Two or three minutes later: “But Detective Murdoch, don’t you–” Cut to a commercial. And it’s the same two or three ads over and over again. But still it’s very well done, 10/10.

      • I think many of the services give you an option to watch commercial-free, but you have to pay for an upgrade or do something else. I’m not the one paying for any of these subscription services so when I stream on my monitor I use the commercial breaks to talk to the dog or check email or whatever. The “Murdoch Mysteries” we watch in bed, so I’ll have a book at hand or one of us will say something random. I wonder if anyone has ever switched to Progressive to save up to $750 a year on their auto insurance because of seeing the same ad a dozen times over the course of three episodes of “Murdoch Mysteries.” At least the Progressive ads are kind of amusing (maybe not after the 6th or 60th viewing) and do not end with “…and in rare cases may cause death. Talk to your doctor is you experience…”

        • if i wanted to see commercials i’d watch tv…
          seriously…. dont fuck this up streaming services
          im this *holds up fingers a milimeter apart* close to just pirating shit again
          its not like i forgot how to you know
          (also no tv in my bedroom…its sleeping and reading only…well some other activities are also allowed but thats been a while now)

        • Watching shows on On Demand is the same way – commercial breaks you can’t ff through and it’s the same ads over and over. All it does is make me HATE those products/services with a burning passion.

        • Betwixt Firefox and a NoScript add-on, I don’t actually get any of the Hulu ads, I just get a black screen with a big “click here to activate ads”, which I conveniently ignore.

  3. …why do they call it boxing day?

    …well, you know how we’re always being told to “think outside the box”?

    …today you officially don’t have to make the effort…just go with whatever is the least hassle & give yourself a break

    …that’s my answer…& I’m sticking to it

  4. Boxing Day is clearly the cats’ holiday to play in all the post-unwrapping mess from xmas. 
    I just hope when they catch whatever lone wolf trying to make America great again (assuming he wasn’t the crispy critter) they call him what he is: a terrorist.

  5. Each Boxing Day I challenge my Canadian friends to go a few rounds.  They have yet to accept and keep telling me I don’t understand their holiday. 

  6. Different kind of boxing (boxing to ship something off, maybe?), but a sweet, if O Henry-ish story about how the sale of a Banksy will let an art museum(gallery?) stay open, AND how the new anonymous owner is going to lend it back for “at least” one year💖

  7. Wrong answer:
    Boxing day is the day after Christmas, because it’s the day one throws everything in boxes/bags (even the sleeping kids, if necessary!), loads up the vehicles, and busts out for home as soon as they can–because they’re all annoyed by the relatives they were forced to spend the last couple days with…

  8. wrong answer:
    Boxing Day is the start of boxing season.  Or maybe it’s the Boxing World Series or Superbowl or something.  I don’t know, I don’t follow sports…

  9. #farscy needs a support animal
    went to me mate..wagged chins for a couple hours
    gave him his first and probably last farscy hug (hey…farscy hugs are a precious commodity….farscy no like being touched by people he isnt sleeping with)
    if hes still alive by nye ill probably be over there for the night
    2020 is an absolute cunt of a year

    • Sorry Farcy, that just sucks rocks.
      I hope ya get more time with him, and that it’s some GOOD time too (glad you got some  good time in today–AND the hug!), and that whatever time he’s got is as good and as pain-free as possible💖💕💞💗 but losing the good folks just suuuuuucks.💔💔💔
      (‘Specially when there’re so many shitty assholes who the world would be better off without!!!😠😡🤬🤬🤬)

    • …sorry to hear that the friend might not see in the new year…hope they do, though…& I hope whatever time you have left with them treats you both as well as it can under the circumstances

      …wish there were something actually useful I could offer…but that tends not to be how these things work, sadly

      …hang in there, either way

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