Brag About Yourselves [NOT 7/12/21]

Hi, friends!

Tell us something you’re excited about. Or proud of yourself for doing. Or whatever!

I got all my Christmas cards written up today, and I was not expecting it to be such a process but it was. I didn’t realize I was sending close to 40 cards out since normally I do like 4 here, 7 there, etc.

Also really glad I ordered that address stamp a few years ago because that saved me a lot of time writing my return address.



  1. I got my booster yesterday, I woke up in the middle of the night with a fever, and was very achey. I slept most of the day and I’m feeling a lot better.
    I’m done with all my Christmas shopping, I’m going to the PO tomorrow to mail a package to my sister. Then finish wrapping gifts.

    • Good for you for the booster. That’s a gift for other people as well as you. I still have a little trouble getting my head around how available they were after the nail biting back about just eight months ago.

  2. I’m running a few times a week and getting 2 1/2 – 3 miles now. I’m slow as hell, and struggle to get up hills, but it’s progress. I’m hoping by spring to get to 4? Maybe more?

    • congrats!

      It might have been just me, but when I started running way back as a teen, I felt like I really struggled up until the 3 mile mark or so.  Once I could consistently handle 3 miles or so without undue difficulty, it seemed like I could just start adding miles on.

      I did some cross country and track and field in highschool and college, and I hated the speed training drills and stuff, but they probably were pretty effective for increasing my pace.  when I was left to my own devices, I’d just tend to plod along at a slow pace for a while.

      Be careful with the hills though – going down them can be a pretty big injury risk, because it’s easy to just crash down them quickly, and give your knees (and other joints) too much of a beating.

      Hopefully the improvements continue, and you enjoy it.  🙂

      • Long long ago when dinosaurs roamed the earth I could run 15 miles, but then kids, beer, pizza, etc. kicked in. If I ever get to half that distance I’ll be psyched, but I’m guessing I’ll plateau earlier.

    • Loveshaq, how are the bird sightings this time of year?

      Now that a lot of natural sources are done, my feeders are seeing a lot of activity.

      Today I saw 3 different woodpeckers come to the suet feeder – a downy woodpecker, a red-bellied woodpecker, and a northern flicker!

      • My daughter is getting flickers dominating her feeder, our feeder is too small for them but finches & juncos are emptying it every day.  It seems like we also have hummers that usually migrate still hanging out.  I’ve been wondering if it is a sign of climate change or something else.

      • I think a bear tore down our bird feeder.  I was sitting on the porch the other night and I heard some grunts and huffing and puffing out there in the dark and the next morning the bird feeder was busted open and laying on the ground.  So now, when I go out on the porch to look at the stars, I announce loudly, “Get out bears!  I’ve got a gun and I’m not afraid to use it!” which is a lie, but you know.  Plus, I pee outside because my theory is that when they smell that pungent alpha predator wee they’ll stay away.  I also just like to pee outside.  It makes me feel free.

  3. Woo Hoo!

    I never thought that fucking eyesore, which I drove past almost every day for 8 years, would come down, but it seems the executor of the estate actually found a couple of brain cells to rub together.

    The best part?  When they took it down, it shattered into a bunch of pieces, so the chances of it reappearing somewhere are basically zero.

    • Yessss that’s awesome

      And as an excellent example of why this sort of shit is especially heinous – I drove past that fucking racist eyesore over the summer and didn’t think “wow look a private property racist statue” no no I thought “wow fucking Tennessee and their racist fucking shit” and assumed it was state-sponsored racism.

  4. I’ll brag:  My best quality is I associate with really good people.

    My second best is that I’m honestly a top Tai Chi teacher, and none (zero) of my students have gotten sick with the COVID (knock fucking wood).  I require vaxx for all my students.  And we respect social distance and have suspended pushing hands (tui shou) until this bullshit is over or at least way down.  The way I figure, the best way to stay healthy is to be healthy, so once you’ve done your shots and all the regular mitigation stuff, doing Tai Chi is about the best way I’ve ever found to get and stay healthy (assuming you eat right, get enough sleep and relax).   I have students from 19 to 86 and we’re all still chugging along.  Also, we are completely supported by sponsorships and grants and I haven’t charged students for a class since I came to this part of the country.  I never want someone to not take a class because of the expense.  Ain’t I a friggin’ saint or what?

    • That’s great Luigi!  I have some friends that do Tai Chi but I haven’t tried it, probably should.  I just started biking again but need something like that to get my mental focus back.

  5. Thus far in December, I have done at least one physical activity a day. I’ve run, hiked, walked, done yoga, or done body weight exercises for a minimum of 30 minutes a day. Hoping to keep this going through the entire month.

  6. i have a camera crew at work today….

    im also unexpectedly sneezy today


    i feel like some strategic sneezles are needed today in order to get sent home for a rona test and avoid camera crews…or if that fails…at least make them as uncomfortable as they make me

    so i guess that makes my brag that im employee of the fucking year me oh yeah

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