Brag about yourselves [NOT 7/12/22]

Hi, friends!

It’s been a hot minute since we’ve had a brag about yourselves post. So we should resurrect that and see how fucking awesome we all are.

I’ll start, I made a fucking amazing pork tenderloin in the oven last night. So juicy. Slightly rare when it came out, but I made sure it rested and it didn’t bleed when I sliced it. So good. I normally don’t get them this tender when cooking.



  1. What did you put on your pork?  I have a pork loin in the fridge I’m thinking of doing.  I always just do garlic & fresh rosemary.  I got nothing to brag about but am proud I defended a friend on Reddit.  She is having a drag queen story time at her taproom & catching shit.  Some of those asshole groups are going to protest & someone shot her window today.  I may go down & support her on Saturday but it is going to be crazy!

    • Holy cow. Good for them for hosting. Hope they have cameras ready.

      The only question I have is this a story hour for kids in a bar? That sounds unsavory. I may have to retire to my fainting couch at the thought of innocent children amongst the malt and hops.


      • It is a kid & dog friendly place, no hard liquor.  I’ve seen kids birthday parties there.  We do things different in the PNW.  Breweries & taprooms are community gathering spots.

        • Alack, what? Children amongst the demon ale, and expecting fables that no doubt lack any moral purpose? I… I… I shall correspond with my elected representatives and demand a return of all of the territories below 54-40 to the Queen or King, whoever it is who reigns over your blasted souls.

  2. My wife hasn’t killed me yet while taking care of her while she’s immobilized. Maybe because she would have trouble getting to the food. But in a few weeks I may need to watch out.

  3. I’m a couple of days past my due date and hope that the random elderly man in my mom’s condo elevator who mansplained to me in August that I would deliver my baby on a full moon is right.

  4. I am the Xmas work party organizer for my shift and I haven’t wanted to strangle anyone… Yet. Food and everything is being planned for Fri.

    I can deal with me, but people are (sigh) difficult.

    fYI, I use the same skill set I use for actual engineering projects… But I don’t feel put off doing the Holiday party as I do it for the challenge and also want to spread some social joy over the season instead of being the unwilling salesperson/cheerleader for some idiot’s vision of what they think should work.

  5. I forgot, this is a fun one.

    The puppy that my wife chaperoned to the filming of Puppy Bowl a few months ago was officially announced yesterday as a contestant. I think this is him. I got to meet him briefly and he was a sweetheart.

  6. The NY Times union is carrying out a walkout tomorrow after management refused to return to the bargaining table.

    Their website says:

    Members are asking readers to stand with them on the digital picket line tomorrow. “Read local news. Listen to public radio. Make something from a cookbook. Break your Wordle streak,”

  7. I’ve gotten a LOT done, in the last couple weeks, and keep getting MORE done, each day.

    knew, after Lil crossed the Rainbow Bridge back in August, that I’d been burning tons of spoons/available energy on keeping her & dad alive…

    Because the week after she was *gone,* I wasn’t quite as tired–both because of the “getting up every 2 hours or less!” all night long thing, and because I realized early in the week after Sheila’s gone, that I didn’t need to plan out my *entire* evening, as I was driving home–making the mental list of “exactly how many loads of laundry will I need to do?” and how many *other* things would I need to do, to keep her safe & going…

    And because that happened with Lil, I knew it was gonna happen *to some extent,* after Dad passed, too–because for the last year I’d been worrying about him, driving up north *most* weekends, and just generally WORRYING.

    And this week, after having the luxury of spending that last month with Dad & away from work (I went *out* on leave on the 31st, and he passed on the 28th of November–i SERIOUSLY thought it was at LEAST 6 weeks, that I’d been up there with him!😆😂💖)–so “being able to sleep in, and NOT run on a defined schedule,” and just able to BE with dad, and by completely present, rather than stressing about work, worried about running back & forth, etc?

    My brain is operating SO incredibly differently than it was!😳😲😃🤗

    I have ENERGY, and I’ve actually been able to get things DONE, since last Tuesday!!!

    I’m obviously not getting *all the things* done, because grief is weird… but y’all, i’m getting SO MUCH MORE done *now,* than I have since a YEAR before Lily died!🙃

    And because grief & loss are odd, part of me feels SO guilty, for feeling glad to be “getting my old-self back again”…

    But I’m *also* feeling so good. It feels like I can think *whole* thoughts again, and I’ve actually had both the motivation to do things (like getting started on deep-cleaning my bathroom–something I haven’t managed to do, since before Lil & Dad got so sick!), and tackling ALL the laundry i need to do, since I have all Dad’s blankets & clothes to wash before giving them away to the various places they’re going…

    And I’m feeling creative again–i’ve got *ideas* just rolling around in my skull again (like I USED to have *all the time,* until sometime in my 30’s–and like I’d gotten *back,* 4 years ago–then re-lost early on in the pandemic🙃)…

    It’s just wild, how much of my conscious *and* subconscious has been getting churned & burned, just WORRYING about Dad & Lil, the last few years, and how much more energy I have now,  simply because there’s nothing else to worry *about,* with regards to both of them🥴

    Part of me feels SO guilty, another part is grateful to have *me* back, and yet another part is just shocked by all the energy I have, and the ability I have again, to “just START the project,” and “Just DO THE THING!!!” (Whether that thing is make calls, do laundry, CLEAN stuff, or sort/organize/etc.

    It’s just wild, discovering that my ADHD med is actually working, and can keep UP with my stress levels *now,* and also wild to discover exactly how much *potential* energy i was simply burning off  each day, not *knowing* i was doing that daily burn-down🙃


    • Ngl, i’m also feeling pretty proud of the fact that I’ve managed to restrain myself, and not “Impulse-Pet”-ed this adorable girl, too!😉😁

      She is SO cute, the description about her has me WANTING her, annnnnd she first came up for adoption back in early October, riiiiiight before *everything* went sideways, then blew to hell…

      She *was* on the “rescue groups side of the website for the last few weeks (I’ve been WATCHING her!😉), annnnnd now she’s back on the “adoptable” side…

      And the thing is? Since i’m a Minneapolis resident, she’d only be a $50.00 adoption fee…

      She is CUTE, y’all, a “Ride or Die” girl (like my Lil!), and just LOOK at that Snoot!🥰😍😃🤗💖💞💝

      (Not to mention, that with the name Blossom, she totally fits my “Flower-themed Girl Dog Names” thing–since both my childhood pup *and* Lil had “flower” names.😉😁😄)


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