Brit Hume’s browsing history shows “Sexy Vixen Vinyl.”

As you know, Brit Hume is one of those talking heads on Fox News. And he decided to show off what looked like betting odds on who would win the Presidency. You can see his tweet right there.

But if you look very closely at the tweet – right up where the tag folders are at the top of the captured image from Hume’s Twitter account … you see a tag for “Sexy Vixen Vinyl.”

In case you’re wondering, this is what you will find when you visit Sexy Vixen Vinyl. There’s a picture of a woman in vinyl fetish gear, and she definitely does not look like your typical Fox News bleached blonde bimbo.

Now it could be that “Sexy Vixen Vinyl” might NOT be what Brit Hume was searching for initially, perhaps he was seeking something more salacious and that little ad “popped up” or “popped under” his browsing history.

But hey, maybe Brit Hume’s planning on buying that extra special “something” for Ainsley Earhardt. Who knows?



  1. What a moron. I wonder if he was using a Fox computer. I wouldn’t be surprised of Fox didn’t have the typical IP blocks that other workplaces have–especially if you’re searching for Sexy Vixens wearing Vinyl.

  2. Thanks for writing this. I’ve been cracking up about this all morning.
    Every day on Twitter there’s ‘that person’ and you NEVER want to be ‘that person’ – today, it’s Brit Hume. He’s the Britbugs of sexy vixen vinyl.

  3. Fake news! He was looking to add to his large collection of punk rock albums. Everyone knows Brit is a huge fan of obscure girl punk rock bands. I’ll show myself out now.

  4. The style of that website is late 90s Netscape/Geocities.

    John Stossel? Isn’t he the same libertarian moron (necessary redundancy) from 20/20 who claims E. Coli tainted meat is good for you?

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