Brrrrr [DOT 23/12/22]

man throwing paperwork in the air and quote "looks like it's fuck this shit o'clock"

Stay safe out there Deadsplinters, it’s chilly!

Seriously chilly!

Winter storm and severe cold sweeps across the US

I could have told you that!

Jan. 6 report: Trump should never hold office again

OMG what was the point of this?

Arizona governor agrees to remove wall of shipping containers on Mexico border

How very Christian of them.

Chick-fil-A fined over “volunteer” program that paid people only in meals

I was just wondering about this the other day.

Secret train and a government plane: how Zelenskiy made his high-security trip to the US

Bonded out to his mommy and daddy

Ex-crypto mogul Sam Bankman-Fried out on $250m bail after extradition from Bahamas

Stop believin’

Journey bandmates in legal fight over performance for Donald Trump

This made me laugh harder than it should have!

Two more sleeps til Santa! Have a great day!



  1. The AZ wall stunt’s point is the same as every other right wing stunt. To get democrats to do something they wouldn’t otherwise do. In this case Ducey got Biden to agree to prioritize building the wall.

    lots of bands are in legal fights with each other over songs and performances at Trump rallies.

    • Well, there’s also the not-inconsiderable benefit to Republicans of braying on Fox News about the “full-blown border crisis” (spoiler: there’s not one).

      The strangest thing to me is how anyone thinks that a wall can work without guards stationed all along it. Or cameras, or drones, or something, but even then, you have to have people available to rush out and stop any incursion. Just putting up a barrier isn’t going to accomplish anything, and as stupid as MAGAs are, they have to know that. But they honestly don’t seem to.

      People have been climbing over walls for untold millennia. It’s not like we don’t know how.

  2. 12 hours later and I still have no internet, which honestly is fine. The thought of some tech out in a bucket truck when it’s -5 here just so I can watch Netflix? Totally can wait.

    I guess I’m taking the day off from work, since I’m not driving in to the office in this weather just so I can work.

  3. It’s minus 6, doctors offices and day cares are all closed. Even Amazon has the decency to close until noon today. But the mall will be open with only a 1 hour delay. SMDH

      • I used to get annoyed about it until I found out that a lot of paycheck-to-paycheck people are waiting for final checks or bonuses to be able to afford any Christmas. They literally can’t shop any sooner. So now I just get mine done early and stay out of their way. They’ve got enough on their plates without standing in line behind me.

        • Yeah I totally understand that. It just wasn’t my experience working retail that anyone was actually waiting based on funds being available to buy that perfume so much as just lazy assholes who waited.

          • That makes sense. I’m thinking more of the people lined up right now at Walmart.

            In Central Florida we have a very low per capita income (like $25K a year), because of all the hotel and theme park workers. Most barely earn a living wage. The Happiest Place On Earth pays starvation wages, and 80,000 people work there, with 27.000 at Universal (the US Census defines a small town as between $25K-$50K). Most places in the US have Walmarts that pay shit wages, but Disney and Universal alone create the equivalent of a couple of good-sized cities of working poor. It’s one of their dirty little secrets. The hotels and resorts probably double or triple that. 

            Working poor are a huge issue here, and instead of using hotel taxes to help them with public transportation or affordable housing, we spend all of it on advertising for theme parks (I assure you Disney and Universal can pay for their own advertising, but guess what? We pay it for them. All of it.) and expanding the convention center which is already one of the largest in the world and has never been filled to capacity in its entire existence.

            We’ve got a lot of poor people, is what I’m saying. 

        • True, and under normal circumstances I wouldn’t complain. But someone who lives paycheck to paycheck probably shouldn’t risk shopping on a day like this. But I guess their children wouldn’t understand why Santa didn’t come this year.

        • There are also a lot of UPS and Amazon workers who got socked at the last minute by a manager with two weeks of double shifts and now they’re scrambling with squeezing in shopping whenever they can.

  4. Give a man a Chik Fil A sandwich and you feed him for a day. Dupe that poor guy with a bullshit program that only pays him with your over hyped food and he’ll work for free for a week.

    • I tried one of their sandwiches at a football game to see what the fuss was about.  $7 for  literally a piece of chicken on a hamburger bun.  No lettuce, tomato, cheese, mayo, nothing.  There might have been a pickle, I don’t remember.  The fuck?

      • The only good thing I can say about Jesus Chicken (I have friends who call it this which cracks me up) is that they have a dedicated fryer for their French fries. So it’s basically the only national fast food chain that my friend with celiac can eat at with their shitty “grilled” nuggets and fries.

        To be clear, it’s not like my friend actually likes Jesus Chicken. But like for road trips, it’s commonly what ends up happening.

  5. Just a Xtian boy

    Livin in a Trump world

    He took the litigation train going nowhere

    Just a little boy

    Born and raised in South Detroit

    He took the litigation train going nowhere


  6. I know there’s all kinds of news and such, but really the only news I’m caring about at the moment is how freaking cold it is here.

    We don’t have the luxury of municipal trash collection out by me, so any trash and recycling has to be brought to the local dump.  They’re probably closed tomorrow so today is my only chance to do so, but goddamn it’s cold and windy and I don’t wanna.  My truck has heated seats so I’ll probably suck it up at some point but I only want to play video games right now.

    • It’s OK, my wife is going to take the garbage to the dump while I play video games in exchange for some future consideration to be named later.   She says she wants to get out of the house anyway.  Probably just wants go get away from me for a little while.  She also has a big sack of stuff to bring to the little Methodist thrift store.

  7. In the recent release of information from the January 6 Committee  there’s this little nugget about Maggie Haberman:

    “Cass” is Cassidy Hutchinson and “Stefan” is Trump lawyer Stefan Passentino.

    What was going on in the background was Trump’s team was coordinating with Haberman for friendly spin on Hutchinson’s deposition to the January 6 Committee.

    Which is what she was doing for Trump for years.

    The problem is not that she was performing access journalism in the abstract. Some trading is inevitable.

    It’s that she was consistently so bad at it. There is nothing remarkable she got out of this particular trade, and her overall record on breaking news is terrible too. What she does is at most is get news out slightly earlier than someone else, or trivia like in her book (which is already on remainder).

    Big stuff — like Trump’s incompetence on Covid prep or plotting pre-1/6 — she consistently keeps out of the news, either by incompetence or complicity. She’s performing PR, not reporting.

    • “The good news is that I can still feel my face right now. The bad news is I kind of wish I couldn’t.” Gotta love a midwestern US blizzard.

      Snowing here, enough to accumulate, expecting a couple inches. Not terribly cold, though, so thankful for that.

      ETA: Oh, and the desk anchor in that TV clip is EXACTLY what I would expect an anchor in Waterloo, Iowa, to look like. I feel like I’m watching an SNL skit.

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