Buh Bye! [DOT 11/8/21]

Na na na na, hey hey hey good bye…

Cuomo announces resignation in effort to head off likely impeachment after devastating report on his conduct

Andrew Cuomo resigns in wake of damning report on sexual harassment

Arizona state lawmaker resigns after arrest on child sexual abuse charges


Lionel Messi signs with PSG, to wear No. 30 after Barcelona exit


Asia-Pacific stocks rise as Wall Street sails to records on $1 trillion infrastructure plan

Wait what?

Do what you will with that!



  1. I am delighted to learn that Jen has favo(u)rite vineyards in Santa Barbara (since she was strolling around one of them there must be more than one.) However, she should really go north and west a little ways to Los Olivos, where I think the better vineyards are, but I’m sure Jen doesn’t need my advice.

    In Los Olivos, among many others, is the Andrew Murray Vineyards but sadly it has no connection to the tennis ace, Andy Murray, OBE.

  2. I am, of course, overjoyed to see Cuomo go. But as always, I’m disappointed that it took sexual harassment — and a LOT of it — to spur this on. I have no doubt that the very Democratic legislative bodies in the state would have voted to impeach over it, which is good, but still, it shouldn’t take personal failings to bring down bad leadership. 

    Also Ross and Rachel never belonged together.

    • I can’t even bring myself to discuss Cuomo at this point, my disgust runs so deep. Hopefully Fredo Chris won’t be far behind, but apparently Zucker loves him and he has the highest ratings on CNN, and for that I have no explanation. Zucker’s apparently out the door around the end of the year but it’s widely expected that a woman, I can’t remember her name, is tapped to be his replacement, and she loves Chris even more. 

      I will share two Mario Cuomo anecdotes. Dad is now being held up as some Periclean hero from New York’s Golden Age but he wasn’t liked enough to earn a fourth term. When he was campaigning for that fourth term, whenever that was (checks wiki; this would have been 1994) he visited a senior center somewhere in Brooklyn where the patrons were predominantly Jewish. Someone asked about why New York doesn’t have the death penalty. Pataki (who won) campaigned on reinstating it. Cuomo said, playing to the audience, “Israel doesn’t have the death penalty.” His questioner shot back, “Israel doesn’t have schvartzes.” I an’t remember where I read this. It was probably in the Village Voice.

      That same year Matilda hit the hustings. At some point Mario (her husband) declared a “Decade of the Child,” a useless feel-good/do-nothing New York State initiative. She was asked, “Governor Cuomo proclaimed ‘The Decade of the Child’ X years ago [say 3, 3 years ago.]. Can you tell us what exactly has been accomplished so far?” Her response was a snappish, “It’s only been three years!” Again, I think this was probably from the VV.

      • What was your point in sharing that first anecdote about Mario Cuomo? Quoting the racist hate speech of an anonymous old Jewish person one upping Cuomo is not interesting or entertaining.

        • I shouldn’t have, so I’ll apologize again, but it just always struck me as a “Scene from the Campaign Trail” that I still remember 27 years later. Notice I had to google when this took place, even. 

          Imagine being confronted with something like that. I could never go into politics.

      • “he has the highest ratings on CNN, and for that I have no explanation”
        Having the highest ratings on CNN is sort of like playing centerfield for the Mets. Except that the Mets management will be at least semi-rational and look at how other players are doing and replace him if they think someone else will play better. Or at least cheaper.
        Even baseball teams, which are highly insulated from real world business pressures, are run with more of an eye toward the bottom line than CNN.

    • That saga led to one truly funny moment when the DJ refused to play the song Ross requested as an apology.

      What probably grosses me out the most about Cuomo is the press knew enough years ago and failed to run the stories, even though it would have been big news. Even supposed enemies like the NY Post and Fox treated it as a whattabout story instead of something needing real reporting.
      CNN’s media reporter Brian Stelter, who is normally good, is running straight up smokescreens for Jeff Zucker and company, and while the NY Times is running a lot of stories on CNN and Chris Cuomo, they’re silent about their own silence over the years.
      People like Cuomo, Harvey Weinstein and Scott Rudin make tons of enemies by being harassers and/or bullies. There are always sources who will talk to reporters, if they and their editors want to dig. They clearly don’t.

      • You can’t run a story on rumors and innuendos unless you want your media organization to be owned by the person you’re accusing. Now, could the NYT have assigned their own Ronan Farrow-type reporter to spend a few years pulling thread? Maybe. And maybe they did! I know enough people in the Albany media world to know that reporters were skeeved out by Cuomo and had looked to find out if there was more. But a) unless someone comes forward, it’s extremely hard to build a case and b) the biggest thing the media griped about Cuomo for years was just how controlling he was on any information coming out from the state. In that way, he was the total opposite of Trump, who couldn’t drink a Diet Coke without 7 reporters writing about it. Cuomo could have murdered half the Legislature and we’d have found out via anodyne press release two weeks later.

        Now, does that mean the media did a bad job with Cuomo? Yes, but not necessarily in the way you’re suggesting, that they had the story and sat on it. Every political reporter would LOVE to be the person taking down the big official! 

        And I’d also point to the fact that at the end of last week, Cuomo looked like he was gonna fight on. His top aide quit — and she knows precisely where all the bodies are buried — and suddenly he flipped. He knows full well that once people start talking, the game is up … but getting to that point is often the hardest leap in journalism.

    • Yikes, stay cool!

      So IDK if this helps or not for real or if it just makes me feel better, but on really hot days I’ve been positioning my patio umbrella to shade the patio door so less sun hits it. 

      Might be worth a shot if you have something like that. At least psychologically it makes it feel cooler!


    • Here in IL we’ve had tornadoes twice in the past week. It isn’t really prime time of year, either. So that’s great. I especially love the middle of the night ones.

    • Interesting. I’d managed to avoid the sound of Hawley’s voice up until now. For some reason, I’ve imagined his speaking voice to sound like some combo of Howdy Doody, Lambchop, and a Bob Clampett cartoon character. Something to match his doofus-y face. 

      As with Jared Kushner and Gilbert Gottfried’s dub over, I think this version is more “true” than reality, so I’ll stick with it.

    • Listen, he’s from Missouri.

      We’re not smart here. Reading isn’t our strong suit. 

      You need someone to make meth or spread antibiotic-resistant gonorrhea? Missourians will excel at that. 

      Reading, not so much. 

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