Buy Yourself a Present

Blank card with red ribbon bow

This year, do yourself a favor and get yourself a nice present. Wrap it. Write your name on it. Ideally, give yourself your present in the presence of others (who probably didn’t get you anything half as nice.) You’ll enjoy it.

Perhaps you will get yourself something you need. A pair of good shoes. A warm jacket. A nice bottle of whiskey. Look, we all need different things. Now is a good time to get yourself one of those things you’ve been thinking about, something that would make your life a little better. Do it!

Are you very busy? Perhaps what you need is a little time. Take a day trip to somewhere new with nothing to do when you get there, or plan yourself a trip to visit a favorite place that you have not been able to visit for a long time. Perhaps you can free up only an afternoon. That’s fine! Wherever you choose, however you choose to get there, you could give yourself the time to simply be there. It would be nice.

If you know someone else who deserves a nice present, by all means, get them one; but don’t forget to share a little joy with the person who deserves a nice present the most: you.

Do not listen to people who say that your present won’t be a surprise. It won’t be, of course not, not for you, but for anyone who sees or hears about your exercise in self-giving probably it will be a surprise — and a delightful one at that. It will be an inspiration! I can think of few gifts quite as nice as inspiration. 

So, this year, get yourself a nice present. It doesn’t have to be expensive, or fancy, or something other people will even understand. It will, however, be something you need. Who better than you to know what that is. 



  1. I really want a weekend away with zero responsibilities. But I know I can’t make that happen. I think I’ll treat myself to a nice bottle of bourbon. RipSplinter will surely have a suggestion or two for me. We did talk about one last night I’m interested in. I won’t wrap it though because I hate wrapping presents. And if I drink enough of it maybe I’ll get that weekend after all, a lost weekend may have to do!

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