1. Watch for today’s FYCE post! We had no one over in 2017, obviously, even I went into an office (and I normally work from home) to avoid it. In 2013 I was newly kicked out the door self-employed, so I held a lunch here at the apartment for others who were available to attend, but I can’t remember what I served. In 2009 I took the day off, lots of my friends did, and we watched Obama’s first Inauguration in the bitter freezing crowd from Jumbotrons in a plaza near my apartment. Then we headed back to my apartment, and what I served is the subject of the FYCE. I’m making it again today. Sadly I can’t have, oh, half of New York over so we can celebrate communally, but the three of us will be very happy watching the festivities for as long as they go on. The Faithful Hound, I don’t know if I ever mentioned this, is a very keen TV watcher. He has excellent sight and hearing and seems to enjoy watching shapes move around the screen and listening to the sounds. He will pick up on our joy and will be well-fed; the recipe is pretty dog-friendly so I’m making sure he gets a celebratory portion himself.

    • People always forget she’s a real musician with amazing pipes. When she looked back at the Capitol building and gestured toward the flag (“still there”), I teared up a bit.

  2. I’ll be hosting a very special Inauguration Day DUAN tonight, so everybody be sure to show up.  You don’t have to wear black tie, but if you’re not dressed at least dinner formal, I will narrow my eyes in silent disapproval.


  3. Did anyone else cry with relief through most of the inauguration? Jesus, it’s like a four year pile up of shit just lifted. Biden has tons of work to do and I really hope he’s up to the task, but today I’m just so fucking relieved.
    We watched with Lil. He got excited any time they said “United States” and “democracy”, which was a fair amount. He enjoyed the music. He was also excited that the First Lady is a doctor. 

    • In a word, yes. At the least little thing, too. Marines saluting the President-Elect on the way up the steps? Check. Kamala swearing in? Check. Shot of Michelle O wanting to get out her chair when white supremacists are called out in the inaugural address? Check. New prez leaning over like yer grampa to gaze at the framed pictures during the gifting ceremony? LOL *sniff* *sigh* Check.

      • Those all got me too (except the Michelle thing – when was that?? Haha), plus allll the music. I’m not usually affected by patriotic music but damn was I today. 

          She was clapping so hard her hands must have hurt. Jill was leaning into that one kinda hard too.
          I think it was the release of it all. Ya know?

    • The Duh letter, Q.
      I’m mad about this shit.  I’m mostly angry at the following:
      The pedo hosting knob (I see you Jim Watkins and family) who peddled this shit to total fucking morons/brain damaged/mentally stunted in the first place.
      The orange tinted feeb incompetent who probably loved the part where he’s a goddamned hero who tried to take advantage of it for what?  Absolutely nothing gained.
      The crazy eyed shit grifters like Lauren Boebert and that Marjoire Greene who rode the Q crazy train to Congress (hopefully not for long.)
      I pity the Qnuts a little because they’re hapless.  Falling for everything, but too stupid/ignorant/cognitively dissonant to see Q for what it was.  They called themselves “smart” and “sharp” when in reality they aren’t any of these things.
      That pity is overwhelmed by anger at what those nuts tried to do.
      Hopefully, one good thing that comes with this shatters the morale/breaks the enthusiasm of the footsoldiers of stupid enough to keep them home the next time some right wing scumbag (I see you Ginni Thomas) calls them to “war.”

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