C U Next Tuesday: Mein Cuntf [Updated]

Welcome to this week’s installment of C U Next Tuesday, where I write about the feral cat vomit I stepped in this morning. I’m going to focus on some contemporary white supremacists who you have likely never heard of. Of course, there were so many to choose from, it was really tough.

But first, a word from our sponsor.

Cunt Cuntckerberg: Norman Spear

Extremely insecure white male with no memorable qualities, identifying characteristics, or culture of his own.

UPDATE -1/24/20 – Well, well, well, well, well, well, well, well, well. Looks like you can’t hide behind your anonymity anymore, Norm. The Guardian has identified him (excellent reporting, Guardians). Thanks to EmmerdoesNOTrepresentme for alerting everyone.

His real name is Rinaldo Nazzaro. While it seems he at some point has lived in New York and New Jersey, evidence seems to point to him being based out of goddamn Russia (his wife is Russian). So, great. Other than that, he’s been pretty low-profile and they haven’t found much information on him thus far.


Norman Spear (an alias) is the founder of the new-ish white supremacist social network The Base – whose explicit mission is to unite racists of all stripes and help them do violence. He goes first on this list because he scares me the most, and his true identity is not known.

He’s on my radar today, because Virginia’s governor called a State of Emergency ahead of threats of violence at a gun rights rally they held yesterday (MLK Day). Much to people’s surprise and relief, it ended up being peaceful, probably thanks to law enforcement arresting some members of The Base.

He is the cunt in question, but most of this is about The Base:

  • “Al-qaeda” translates into English as “The Base.”
  • According to the Vice exposé:
    • The Base is focused on paramilitary training and off-line activities, with the explicit intent to start a violent race war.
    • The application to be part of the community requires some degree of military/technical weaponry knowledge.
    • They have a database of uploaded resources explicitly for bomb and weapon-making strategies, as well as war and survivalist tactics.
  • He started by uploading a series of videos called “Guerilla Warfare Theory” (which I will not link to).
  • They are a collection of loosely related groups who subscribe to the Northwest Territorial Imperative (that whole thing where people wanted to make the PNW into a white ethnostate, except – oh wait – they are still trying to do that). The Base serves as a means for planning and meeting each other.
  • The Base is not interested in infiltrating the Republican Party, but rather on enacting terrorism without the help of establishment allies.
  • An Antifa group claims to have knowledge that The Base is trying to build a “hate camp” (training camp for paramilitary activity) just outside Seattle. Law enforcement authorities agree and are “keeping an eye on it” (I hope, jesus fuck).

Evolutionary Psycuntogist: Kevin MacDonald

Man facing his wife, shortly after blowing their life savings on what he thought was a vial of Hitler’s blood, only to find out it was piss after he drank it.

Kevin MacDonald is a tenured practitioner of alchemy evolutionary psychology (which is garbage).

  • He’s one of the founding members and leaders of the American Freedom Party, which is an anti-Semitic and white nationalist hate group (according to the Southern Poverty Law Center).
  • He has published a bunch of fucking nonsense explaining how the Jews have evolved to outsmart their enemies (the rest of the people on earth).
  • He is considered one of the most important academics of the Neo-Nazi movement, specifically for his racist ass trilogy of books called The Culture of Critique.
  • He and David Duke are in love.
  • His partner as the leader of the American Freedom Party, William D. Johnson, is a lawyer who once, under a pen name, advocated for the repeal of the 14th and 15th Amendments, and that all non-white people were deported from the US, and was also chosen as a delegate in California by the Trump campaign in 2016.
  • He is now retired, but Cal State decided they must honor his tenure, so he wasn’t fired when they were caught knowing they found out he was a white nationalist.

Cuntgressional Also-Ran: Paul Nehlen

Ken doll with Ken doll genitals that I scribbled on with markers.

His name might sound familiar. If you’re trying to place it, it’s because he has repeatedly run for Paul Ryan’s seat and Trump thinks he’s a pretty neato guy. Bonus points, he had our boy Kevin MacDonald as his campaign spokesman at one point! I would say we dodged a bullet there, but we’ve been hit with plenty of other bullets so…

  • Southern Poverty Law Center refers to him as an “elder statesman” for a bunch of violence-oriented white nationalist groups.
  • He’s an outspoken and well-known anti-semite who says a whole bunch of anti-semitic things.
  • He got banned from Twitter for being racist at Meghan Markle (but not the rest of the population of the world).
  • Even Breitbart abandoned him for being too racist (although you could argue that wasn’t the reason).
  • He posted a list of his critics (with their phone numbers), “accusing” many of being Jews.
  • He’s a big name on the white supremacist podcast circuit.
  • Here’s a quote from his appearance on the Gas Station podcast (to which I won’t link, but you can find the quote on SPLC’s site):
    • “People were suggesting that maybe he [alleged Poway synagogue shooter John T. Earnest] is of Jewish ancestry and, quite honestly, I think we ought to step back from this and say it doesn’t matter. It doesn’t matter. It just doesn’t matter. Because if he is Aryan or if he is Jewish, he went in and shot up some Jews. And, quite honestly, if we can convince Jews to go in and shoot up other Jews, then that’s the power of the crystals right there. So I’m of the opinion that he is not of the Jewish persuasion and we see this trotted out every single time. … They always try to put some spin on these guys whether it’s [alleged Pittsburgh Synagogue shooter Robert] Bowers or [alleged New Zealand terrorist] Tarrant or [racist mass murderer Dylann] Roof or [Norwegian Terrorist Anders] Breivik – any of these guys, they stepped up to do something and we ought to celebrate them. … Unfortunately, it was not livestreamed. [The New Zealand terror attack] set the bar on that pretty high here recently. But I’m encouraged… we’re gonna see this acceleration continue… we’re gonna find ourselves in a situation where we’re the ones who tear it down. We aren’t necessarily the ones who are gonna build it back up. It’d be great if we are. It’d be great if we could do it in that timeframe, but it’s gotta be torn down. This whole neoliberal facade that we’re all walking around in has got to be torn down and it’s got to be destroyed. And so that’s where I stand… I’m not backing away from this kid. I’m heralding his arrival.”

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  1. A three-pack of ignorant racist hate. I did not know about any of these dipshits.

    • Yeah I didn’t either. To be honest I got depressed about how many white supremacists I didn’t know about (and I kind of pay attention to that!).

  2. All the stars for those photo captions!
    What a bunch of cunts.

  3. Were they at the big tough soldier cosplay over the weekend?

    • Not that I know of, BUT it seems that much of the reason it wasn’t a shit show was that a bunch of members of The Base got arrested ahead of it (who were planning on attending). Norman Spear was not one of the arrested, I don’t know if he went to the thing because he’s still kind of anonymous (although how, if we have these pictures of him??).

  4. Excellent reporting on the fuckery, HML!💖

    I just want to add a few reminders, in addition to the great info you shared:

    Identity Evropa is now “The American Identity Movement”/AIM https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Identity_Evropa

    The SPLC’s Hatemap site is a great way of tracking the hate groups in your area, wherever that is:


    And that whole “boogaloo” thing that’s getting talked about in certain dark corners of the interwebs nowadays (https://www.adl.org/blog/the-boogaloo-extremists-new-slang-term-for-a-coming-civil-war, and https://www.npr.org/2020/01/10/795366630/boogaloo-is-the-new-far-right-slang-for-civil-war) is the same, old, neonazi bullshittery I’ve been trying to tell folks about for a few DECADES now–this is the EXACT same shit that my cousins’ neighbors were talking about back in the early/mid ’90’s, when those same neighbors (thankfully long-gone from that area!) told my Auntie & Uncle, “When the race war/Boogaloo comes, don’t be coming outside in the direction of our house. If we see you coming & you haven’t already joined up with us, we’re going to be shooting in your direction, and we’re shooting to kill.”

    And these WERE the same folks who were buying & selling unregistered guns supplied by the same guy who delivered Snap-On tools in his delivery truck. They were also the folks who regularly shot at head-height/head-sized targets in the “back 40” out behind the machine shop** that used to belong to my aunt & uncle.

    Lots of folks in West Central/Central MN were also members of “Militias” back when the Militia movement was big out West in the 90’s. Not enough folks are aware of the fact that those groups just went dormant, they didn’t actually die off.

    (**Which–after the assholes got the farm repossessed for not paying taxes–now belongs to my younger cousin & her husband. My cousin & her husband were able to bring the farm back into the family, after the asshat racists abandoned the property, once the state & county put liens on it for them never having paid *any* years of property taxes.)

    • Jesus fucking christ your cousin’s neighbors!!!

      And thanks for the additions – I didn’t know Identity Evropa had changed its name, or about the word “boogaloo.”

  5. Evolutionary psychology hate! Excellent.

    I won’t say it’s 100% garbage, but pretty much anything beyond quantifying the level of fear of heights is headed for quicksand.

  6. …what with the impeachment circus being very much in town I’ve been wondering if you might end up featuring “the defendant” but I find myself torn regarding his eligibility…on the one hand there’s this


    but this is a persuasive counter-argument?

    • LOL. I used to know of a journalist or someone keeping a weekly list of the terrible shit happening under Trump for posterity. I wonder if she’s still doing that – I can’t seem to find it. I have a fantasy of making a list of every terrible thing he’s done since in office. I’ll do it if y’all will pay for my therapy.

      • …last time I looked the Post’s lie tally had broken the 16,000 mark so even if I have a whip-round I think we might struggle to pay that tab

        …it does seem to be the main plank in his platform that constant & unrelenting malfeasance is somehow incessant enough that individual instances never result in the consequences they ought to so tallying every shitty act would be a labor of truly Sisyphean proportions?

  7. YES. Just logged in to The Guardian and saw the “Norman Spear” story.

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