C U Next Tuesday: Show Us Your Own CUNT!

Happy Mardi Gras! I’m in a Mardi Gras hole so I don’t have the time nor the mental capacity to write a real post (or to face the real world), so today YOU get to decide who the cunt is. A list to get you started:

  • Me for the things I’m doing to my body at the very moment this post will be published
  • All Republicans
  • Anyone who used Harvey Weinstein as a defense of R. Kelly
  • This guy I know who shaved a triangle into his hair as a stylistic choice, and publicly negged my friend based on HER level of attractiveness on Facebook
  • People in my city resisting a decrease in the use of plastic garbage during Mardi Gras – literally 46 tons of beads were found in our catch basins last year.

You can read about New Orleans’ strange trend of ladyparts-themed dance troupes here (I think we literally have hundreds).

A float I helped make and marched with a few years ago. Yes that is a Cocktopus.

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    • Oh what did Trudeau do now?

      Our Supreme Leader took the crime family to India and it seemed to go OK, he and Modi get along. But I was reminded of your PM Trudeau’s arrival two years ago and, from what I read stateside, it was an absolute disaster. I remember the images of him and his family deplaning dressed as if they were extras in a Bollywood docuseries about the last days of the Raj, with them playing a powerful Indian potentate family. Trump, for all his uncountable flaws, never tries to go native and always dresses like the bankrupted former casino owner that he is.

      • I love this community too much to burden it with more of my rants, but since you asked, I’ll say a little…

        Brags about the MMIWG investigation that led to action that will lead to respecting the aboriginal communities across Canada a public apology that he in no way meant. Brags about the climate crisis and carbon tax that will *checks notes* live up to half of what scientists say need to be done by 2030 when what he really means is “I am going to get that money by breaking supreme court-ruled laws” by stepping all over indigenous peoples even when (this is where my fault for watching cpac comes in-which is the cspan of Canada) THREE of the other party leaders are pleading for him to put a halt to the pipeline construction until the issues are resolved (even the BLOC FFS!).

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