California Law Looks to Improve Maternal Mortality Rate For African American Women

One of the things I’m very grateful for, as a woman, is living in a state that trusts my doctor and me to make the best medical and personal decisions for myself. California has done a lot to reduce the maternal mortality rate of its women, and it reflects in the available numbers:

But African American mothers are still dying at three to four times the rate of white ones, so California (leading the way once again) has signed into law SB464 – California Dignity in Pregnancy and Childbirth Act. This will require implicit bias training for all perinatal workers, as well as data tracking and publication on maternal mortality rates:

I have had to deal with being ignored; and told I’m not really feeling what I’m feeling; and told I couldn’t possibly be feeling what I’m feeling; or to just be quiet so the doctors can do their thing, but that’s simply because I am a woman, not an African American woman. It’s so much worse, statistically, for African American women it’s making the news both here and abroad.

And they’re speaking out about it:

And despite the fact that access to affordable healthcare in the US (or lack thereof) is a huge contributing factor here; and that’s being cited as one of the reasons for the continuing decline of the birthrate in the US, no one is beating down the door to get us on a universal healthcare system.

Hopefully this law will work as intended and save women’s lives in the meantime.



  1. This is an important issue. I’m glad to see California taking it seriously.

    • Good news! That number’s too high.

    • …how is it the folks who spend so much time obsessing about who’s gonna burn in their hell always seem like they’d most likely be a better fit for the venue?

    • That is so fucked up. I mean, totally unsurprising but SO fucked up.

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