…call it a win [DOT 6/6/20]

say can you see...

…it’s the weekend


…I don’t know about any of you but I’d give a lot for it to feel like a weekend

Minneapolis to Ban Use of Chokeholds by Police


This is not what serving and protecting should look like.

…just a weekend


…& not something to claw at like a piece of driftwood in the middle of a flash flood





…some things just aren’t my wheelhouse…like the NFL…so I should probably not even try…but damn it surely sometimes you don’t have to know shit about sports to know when the game is up


…unless you’re so unforgiveably fucking dumb that it’s offensive to you on some level that a guy who had the temerity to admit that when people told him his foot was all the way in his mouth it might be a good idea to unwedge that shit before he tried saying anything more on the topic


…so I wish I were a little better at the bringing of the good news


…& not just a. n. other link-festooned rant about the latest thing to make me feel incredulous that it really could be a real thing that actually happened in this the third decade of our second millenium since we decided to start counting from the one guy’s birthday that probably wasn’t on the day we celebrate it


…but even if there are signs things are trying to get better & there are people out there working hard to make it so


Stacey Abrams Has a Message for You: Get Involved


…there are also very clearly still too many people out there trying to make things worse in ways both new & old

Officers have charged and swung batons at demonstrators after curfew with seemingly little provocation. The mayor said he would review any reports of inappropriate enforcement.


We analyzed the president’s Twitter feed for a week. A third of his posts contained falsehoods or murky accusations, underscoring the challenge to Twitter’s chief, Jack Dorsey, of policing him.


…some of which bear the hallmarks of being the same old things from the same old people

Touting new jobs numbers, Trump says strong economy will quell protests and racial divide





…& some of which seem creative enough to almost look new


The Bill of Rights, Revised

Body cams have turned brutality into spectacle.

…but at the end of the day

Live updates: As protesters mourn George Floyd, outrage rises over new abuses caught on camera

Because it’s not a state, the District of Columbia is at a disadvantage in any clash with federal authorities.
The Police Are Rioting. We Need to Talk About It.
The police are supposed to protect free speech, not suppress it.

…nice as it is to see the words Black Lives Matter plastered across the street before the White House where the current occupant might reasonably be expected to see it on his little helicopter jaunts


…it could not be clearer that he still thinks he can hump his chosen narrative up & over the hills he keeps promising his faithful he’ll die on for them

Trump shares letter that calls peaceful protesters ‘terrorists’

“A great day for everybody”
he actually said that shit & nothing ignited…huh…did not see that coming…

…so to say he isn’t getting it is an understatement so great even British people would struggle to deem it appropriate

After years of snubs and American unilateralism, European allies have stopped looking to the president for leadership, and are turning their backs on him.


…don’t take my word for it


…& mango unchained isn’t alone, sad to say

57 Buffalo officers resign from special squad over suspension of two who shoved 75-year-old

…so at least we get to grasp at a few straws where there used to be nothing but strawmen


“There is a thin line between the military’s tolerance for questionable partisan moves over the past three years and the point where these become intolerable,” a retired general said.


…& maybe you really can only break faith with the faithful so many times before they’ve had their fill of your brand of faith

Trump’s Approval Slips Where He Can’t Afford to Lose It: Among Evangelicals


America, We Break It, It’s Gone


We will remain trapped in a cycle of anger and hopelessness until more white Americans come to grips with our past.

…so…yeah…been a busy few days

…but tomorrow is a day of rest

…don’t let the title fool you

…so I’ll try to see about there being less scrolling



  1. *checks local news for good news*….nope..none there
    i did learn that mink can spread covid from animal to human…and that we apparently have quite a few mink farms…for some reason… not for much longer tho as the usual gubment response is to gas all the animals… me thinks gassing the farmers would be more of a long term solution..but apparently that wont win you votes…
    also..after meatpacking plants…now its fruitpacking plants where people seem to be catching the rona a lot… its almost like we may have a bigger problem here than the numbers would have you believe

  2. If this doesn’t scream “IT IS EVERY APPLE!”I don’t know what does:

    • wait they were allowed to be on roofs with assault rifles?
      so what?… cop sanctioned sniper nests? that…. is..
      said it before…but i really hope this doesnt end in a massacre somewhere

  3. welp…looks like london is fielding a pretty massive protest too

    im having this wierd moment here…where i agree with the protest…and fear for 2 weeks from now

    • …I hear that…it’s looking like a long week coming but the one after is the one I really worry about, I guess

      …can’t argue that it’s not still something I feel like I’m glad to see…but I worry about that some of those people might not be around to see what they might have been part of accomplishing

      • welp…people are saying outside infections are really rare…
        course…people are also saying 5g caused it… or that biden is fact a 300 year old alien from alpha tauri b (okay…i may have just made that last one up…but im people…so now its true)
        i dont know what to believe anymore…but i do worrie

    • “im having this wierd moment here…where i agree with the protest…and fear for 2 weeks from now”

      For as much as the looting bothered me, when it was opportunists & suburban kids taking part (I’ve said it elsewhere,but once again–after the initial looting by poor folks obviously coming from the other looted area a few miles East of here, the second & subsequent waves of looting appeared to be organized crime rings–presumably the local shoplifting groups, and then suburbanites out for “free shooping”)…

      Your comment resembles how I feel about the burning of the 3rd precinct.

      It’s gonna suck that all of our tax dollars will be used for the rebuilding, buuuut, I also COMPLETELY understand the reasons it got burned, and tbh, I’m honestly fine with it.

      And YES, I do DEFINITELY worry about folks’ health, and that–although the protests are justified & NEEDED, I worry we’re gonna have a major upswing in COVID cases in the next couple weeks–impacting *exactly* the folks who are most at risk already💔

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