• I know I’m like…”don’t be pro-cancer on Facebook, don’t be pro-cancer on Facebook, don’t be pro-cancer on Facebook.” Glad we can be pro-cancer today here.

  1. So…..
    This is the part where we say, “Couldn’tve happened to a better guy!” riiiiight?😈

    I mean, it lets the dumbasses *think* we’re on their side…😉😈

    Thoughts & Prayers, as allllllways, Thoughts & Prayers.

  2. Rush really shouldn’t be shocked people feel this way about him. A complete lack of feeling, empathy or decency for anyone outside of his fat ass/

    I find you get what you give in this lifetime. He gives nothing. Gets nothing.

  3. Correction: Rush Limbaugh *says* he has cancer. The man has made a living telling shameful, harmful lies. Why should we give this statement any validity? After all, he also says that he is experiencing zero symptoms at the moment.

    Yes, I’m cynical as hell. On the other hand, Limbaugh hasn’t exactly made it easy to just take his word for anything.

  4. The civil authority is here to tell you that you shouldn’t rejoice in Cancer getting Limbaughed. It’s not nice and Cancer may be controversial but it’s had a big impact on this country ;(

    Tots and Pears

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