Candy Hangover [DOT 1/11/21]

Hello November vector. Autumn leaves and text on white background.

Hope you all had a great weekend.

We had some cute little ghosts and goblins come by for candy, and their dads brought beer so all in all a successful evening.

If you were out and about, here’s a couple of things you might have missed: Brain Drain, Notes From A Traveler, & FYCE

Let’s see what’s new…

Tricks pouring over into November:

Get your shit together tomorrow Virginia!

A post-Trump test for Democrats looms in Virginia election


Stock futures rise slightly ahead of first trading day of November, as investors await key Fed meeting


Here’s what actually happened between former President Donald Trump, Yankees president Randy Levine, and MLB commissioner Rob Manfred

I had to read this and now so do you.

Mazel Tov:

Have a great Monday!



    • using the “stump” as the candy basket is pretty amusing/clever

  1. I’m vomiting over all the tributes to Jerry Remy.  When are we going to talk about how he continuously pulled strings, posted bail, and made excuses for his son’s domestic violence, until the poor woman was eventually murdered?


    Plus, he was a ridiculous homer and I needed a translator to cut through his overblown Massachusetts accent.

  2. Now I’m sad/mad that I kinda know who Giles Coren is. God, what a hack.

    • Giles Coren is such a miserable twat. One of the few downsides of being Victoria Coren Mitchell must be having Giles as a brother. They’re both products of nepotism, but he somehow thinks that entitles him to demand even more.

  3. Not that we all didn’t know this but the more evidence the better?


    • i am confused…how does one go from teacher of the year to beating up a student in time at all?

      is there some kinda reign of terror about to be revealed?

      or is it just something in the water over there?

  4. Congrats, Kal Penn!

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