…ceding ground [DOT 31/5/20]

not seeding...


…first things first…there’s a reason I picked that header image & it isn’t just because of what’s written on that bit of cardboard on the left…but because this place does funny things to header images I figured I’d put it in with the link in case that makes some of the detail easier to make out

…so…I know these generally go a certain way

If We Had a Real Leader

…& I suppose if there’s any conscious pattern it’s that I try to have the bits that link out to something written by someone with some actual credentials you can check outweigh the bits that are just me mouthing off

The courts protected police abuses for years before George Floyd’s death. It’s time to rethink “qualified immunity.”

…& where I have time or something suitable occurs to me I try to balance out the consequent litany of terrfying idiocy displayed by those allegedly in charge with something you won’t regret finding time for in your day…but I don’t know if I can manage that last bit today

Read the Criminal Complaint Against Derek Chauvin

…because the last couple of days have – even in the context of the not-normal kind of normal we’ve all been trying to adjust to this year – been a long way from just another day

Black Journalists Are Exhausted

…& yet in some deeply fucked up ways have in fact been very much just another day in the life of a nation held hostage by a criminal enterprise inexplicably maintaining the polite fiction that it somehow gets to refer to itself as an administration…let alone a legitimate one

Of Course There Are Protests. The State Is Failing Black People.

…& everywhere I look I’m seeing people struggle to understand how it came to this

What Trump, Biden and Obama Said About the Death of George Floyd


…while the very people arguably most responsible for the worst aspects of it try at every turn to double down and pervert the legitimate grievances that have drenched the picture they paint in gasoline by flicking matches at the bits of it they can’t bring themselves to look at

…sure, some of those people are just regular everyday fuckwits who are very probably too dumb to know they’re a karmic dumpster fire of epic proportions

…not that those people aren’t bad enough whether they’re at home getting all kinds of angry at all the wrong shit or out there doing all the wrong shit in the hope that it makes enough people angry enough to make shit a whole hell of a lot worse

…but the kicker is that some of those fuckheads know exactly what kind of a craven piece of shit that makes them…& those don’t just do all that shit…they come at that shit with a playbook

…it’s not a new playbook

…they ain’t that smart

…but it is tried & tested & sad to say

Critics pointed to the president’s and the attorney general’s full-throated support for the police and the department’s inaction on systemic policing issues.

…that shit works

…the demonstrators taking to the streets over the last few days didn’t come out of nowhere & only an idiot would try to claim otherwise…but plenty of useful idiots are all too happy to skip right on past that in favor of getting into the weeds about how this or that thing that’s happened somehow means that surpressing that civil unrest takes precedence over addressing the fact that those out demonstrating their outrage at George Floyd’s utterly avoidable yet somehow chillingly predictable death at the hands of the authorities ARE. NOT. THE. PROBLEM.

…we all (well, most of us) know the pitfalls of leaning too heavily on anecdotal evidence, let alone the fruits of the poison tree that is modern social media…but at the same time it is impossible to avoid some pernicious logic about that stuff when it comes to how this is all playing out across the millions of screens involved…what it looks like depends on your sources…& doing your own due dilligence on that shit is hard when there’s so much to try to keep track of…so I’m not claiming to be the one true oracle that has it all right but what it sure as hell looks like I’m seeing is a picture that has the potential to be so much worse than it looks that to be perfectly honest it scares me to think about

…a man died needlessly & a natural desire to redress that took people to the streets…whether they were out there in search of justice or to try to give injustice a taste of its own medicine frankly doesn’t matter as much to me as I think it should


…& I do think it should…to me grief over the loss of a family member isn’t something that should have to take place in public…much less the kind of in public that involves relatives interviewed by journalists & your loved one becoming something close to an effigy…in an ideal world that man would still be alive & none of this would be happening…but in even a world that could just pass for good that grief wouldn’t have to contend with co-ordinated & organised assholes like the fucker with that umbrella

…because it sure seems to me like the dude in the pink shirt is who we all need to be paying attention to

…I don’t know about you but I know a lot of people who kind of hit the tune-it-out-with-a-handwave lane the moment phrases like “false flag” or “agent provocateur” get mentioned because they associate them with raving paranoids & other online crazies in the Alex Jones mold…but when I read about the kind of misbegotten stains on humanity’s record that get their kicks posting online about how much they’d love to see a race war break out so bad they gave it a nickname so they could talk about it more…I have to be honest…I do not find it hard to believe that those terms have a place in the conversation

there’s more where that came from…the rest of the thread is worth clicking through to…

…those people are more than familiar with the mechanics of such things because those are the kinds of conversations that they consider recreational

…for them to be successful in their goal of escalating the available list of excuses for the blustering orange incompetent in the White House to follow the lead of the vile pool of stagnant thinking he basks in & use this to simultaneously drag the nation further from the justice the vast majority of it seeks in favor of the path vanilla isis swears blind leads to their promised land is no less insane than it sounds…but that doesn’t mean they aren’t doing it…& it doesn’t mean it isn’t basically working as well or better than the last time…because the last time wasn’t the first time either & some of the people doing the nudging in the background have been at this shit a long time & are good enough at it that it ought to freak us all out a whole lot more than it generally does




  1. well….i see twitler is doing his level best to fan the flames…
    i really hope this doesnt turn into a massacre..
    seems to be just one itchy trigger finger away…

    • …he’s not alone…as was pointed out yesterday by EmmerdoesNOTrepresentme they seem to be back on ground they feel more comfortable with

      …sure is handy for those white guys that these other white guys with the hammers & such seem to be out there in those places doing their best to check the appropriate boxes

      …like I said, no less insane than it sounds…but doesn’t mean it isn’t (part of) what looks to be happening…nor that it’s new…sad to say

      • yeah…i saw that tweet…
        guess the boogaloos might get that civil war they crave so much
        seems like everyones in a rush to go to hell in a handbasket before the elections

        • …again…it feels morbidly cynical to say so but from their point of view it presumably makes more sense to make whatever hay they can while the sun shines…that way the bonfires will be nice & bright when their little helpers light them up so they can point at them…it’s worked for them before so in a sense they’re doing the same things over again expecting the same result…which might be the nearest any of this comes to sounding sane

          …you just have to be either not paying attention or all-in on the fundamentals of that way of looking at it & it “just makes sense”…& by no coincidence at all that is an amorally exact description of the only people the GOP has even tried actually speaking to since they picked their orange stalking horse

        • …I believe someone (or someones, plural) in Minnesota was claiming that the majority of those arrested were from out of state – which would superficially track with the kinds of shennanigans that appear to underpin that tweet from the ghoul

          …but the arrest records that have been produced by the relevant precincts don’t seem to bear it out

          …so…why aren’t those people the ones being arrested is certainly one of the questions I have since it seems that they aren’t hard to differentiate from peaceful protestors?

          …on the balance of probabilities it seems to me that neither text not subtext of that tweet are accurate…which is why it distresses me that both are almost certain to be effective among the intended audience

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