Chill Out [DOT 20/8/22]

We are getting some nice cooler mornings here in the DMV which is very nice. Fall is just around the corner!

No shit, Sherlock

White House officials privately express concern about classified information taken to Mar-a-Lago

Um, yeah

Plácido Domingo’s days as a performer should be over

This is ridiculous

Finland’s PM Sanna Marin takes drug test after party ‘to clear up doubts’

Re-upping this from yesterday

Foot (and shoe) found floating in a Yellowstone park hot spring

What took so long?

Instagram and Facebook suspend Robert Kennedy Jr’s anti-vaccine group

This is kinda neat!

Behind every Trader Joe’s sign is a working artist who painted it

Cat is rightfully pissed!

Seal breaks into New Zealand home, traumatises cat and hangs out on couch

More “Caturday”

Have a great weekend!



  1. I’m going to have to read these in more detail later, but why the hell is Seal breaking into a New Zealand house?  Didn’t he save any of his Kiss From a Rose money?

  2. The telling detail in the RFK Jr. article is this — “His personal Facebook page is still active.”

    Facebook shutting down groups is always a PR move because they know as long as people keep their accounts it keeps the whack a mole game alive. At least the Guardian article doesn’t fall for Facebook PR’s usual framing that they’re taking agressive action, and they point out from the beginning that it’s years late for Facebook to be doing something.

    Facebook has been getting ridiculed for the latest garbage graphics for its looming VR disaster. There is a lot of speculation it’s because they’re stuck — really good graphics would require people to buy expensive equipment and have super fast and reliable networks, which shrinks their audience to a point where there’s no volume. But if they roll out a system that work on typical data networks and all platforms, the graphics have to be degraded.

    Odds are Facebook underlings told Zuckerberg from the beginning and he blew them off. The public is figuring it out too. But the press and finance people who drink Facebook PR’s refreshing artificially flavored drink mix will be the last to realize it.

  3. Well, the squash bugs finally broke me.

    I’ve had an organic veggie garden for 3 years. Bugs have never been that bad, I can deal with them by squishing the cucumber beetles and spraying neem and castile soap, etc etc. Diatomaceaous earth has been a lifesaver for my tomatoes and peppers for the occasional stink bug issue.

    But those fucking squash bugs. I’ve picked eggs and destoyed them all summer. I’ve killed every squash bug I’ve seen. I’ve dusted the bases of the butternut squash vines with diatomaceous earth to fuck them up when crawling around.

    However, I’ve clearly missed some broods of eggs because wow the last week I’ve thought (ahahaha oh was I wrong) that I was finally winning the battle since I’ve not been finding any eggs and I killed several adult squash bugs last week. This week has been oh fuck there’s a ton of nymphs *snip leaf walk 15 feet to driveway and stomp them to death* several times, and this morning I was doing the usual leaf check for eggs and welp there were a bunch more nymphs. In places I would not be able to squish.

    I have a bottle of Sevin spray because I needed to kill a bunch of ants pestering the food pantry. Fuck it, I’m not eating those butternut squashes for several weeks and I peel them anyays, so I doused that part of the garden in Sevin.

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