Chop Chop. [DOT 7/11/20]

Longest. Week. Ever.

Brain Drain will be along to save you from doom-scrolling and constantly refreshing the various news sites.

Thanks god for small mercies.

Why are the media reporting different US election results?


I love this song.

Mark Kelly defeats Arizona GOP Sen. Martha McSally in key pickup for Democrats



S&P 500 closes flat, but posts best week since April even with election undecided

Fart noise:

Peter Thiel’s Palantir is skyrocketing as Trump’s prospects grow dim

Will we know by midnight?

Enjoy your weekend Deadsplinters!



  1. I don’t mind a good suspense thriller, but this is getting tedious at this point. I was watching something last night and I forget what state this was about but the person said, “We have a 30,000 mail-in ballots left to count…” So great, count them, how long could that take? “And then we have about 100,000 provisional ballots…” Oh FFS.
    The ONLY reason this is taking so long is that some states have laws on the books that non-walk-in-election-day votes won’t even begin to be counted until after the polls close, and sometimes there’s a lag on that. This isn’t entirely Republican obstructionism, in an effort to sow doubt in the minds of voters about the whole process. New York does this. It’s so Democratic, at the macro level, that they could call it for Biden the night of the election. But at the lower levels there are still many uncalled races. There was a primary last April here in NYC that took six weeks to decide. I forget how many people voted in that district but it was well under 100,000.
    This is little appreciated but lots of states hate the concept of mail-in and early voting. Why? It boosts turnout, which can lead to undesirable consequences, like an incumbent getting thrown out.
    The only reason New York finally got mail-in voting this year is because of the pandemic, and it was at the whim of Governor Cuomo. We didn’t post mail-in ballots per se; we posted absentee ballots, and coronavirus fears was added to acceptable excuses. This was done on a case-by-case basis. Cuomo allowed it for the primary, but that was it, and then three or four months later he decided to allow it for the general. We vote all the time here in New York, God forbid elections should be consolidated, because what if while you were voting for President or Mayor your district might be having a special election for a House seat? Might there be a few too many people at the polls to add that to the ballot? No, no, far better to make that its own standalone election, and if turnout is low, well, what can you do?

  2. The cult is just getting crazier and crazier about the turd losing.  Biden has pretty much won it – but even if for some reason it turned around – Dems should take it anyway as payback for 2000. I knew that Kavanaugh and the Handmaid had a part in the Gore/Bush debacle but I never really knew the particulars until I read this thread.  I’m mad again 20 years LATER.


  3. …also…someone asked (possibly not on here, I forget…a lot’s been going on in a when-is-something-going-to-happen sort of a way…) if the soon-to-be-ex-alleged-president knows how full of shit his “legal” shennanigans are wih respect to trying to contest the result

    …& the answer is…perhaps unsurprisingly…yes…it is of course a grift…because…well…what the fuck did anyone expect from this asshole?

    • He is still actively soliciting money for his campaign & they automatically make them reoccurring donations unless you opt out, I have heard.  So check on grandma, she might be getting her account drained as we speak!  Also, I think the news is terrified of calling the election because of the cult.  All the big outlets want Fox to call it first.

  4. Other doom and gloom: mark meadows, chief of staff, got COVID on Wed. 
    And, covid reaching 1000 deaths a day the past 4 days, with record high case counts.

    • “Doom and gloom” might be an overstatement in regard to Meadows. “Richly deserved, you fucking enabling goddamn asshole who is complicit in a quarter-million deaths” is how I personally would describe it. 

  5. What’s there to say? The emotion I landed on was “relieved” but I’m relieved in the same way that you type “lol” but you are not actually laughing and the corners of your mouth might have turned up slightly.
    There’s still so much time left with him as president and Biden is going to inherit multiple concurrent disasters. But even if it’s selfish, I’m glad that I get to unclench after four! years and won’t have to wake up each day wondering what Baby did or said while I wasn’t watching.

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