Christmas Eve! [DOT 24/12/21]

Happy Friday and Merry Christmas Eve! Hopefully you are enjoying a 3 day weekend (or even longer…).

I won’t keep you too long, it is a holiday weekend after all.

Let’s see what’s going on, shall we?

Cold comfort.

Kimberly Potter found guilty of manslaughter in fatal shooting of Daunte Wright

good for her dot gif


The stonk market is closed today.


Remixing the NBA Christmas Day Schedule



A UPS driver left a kind message for a family. They put it on Instagram, and strangers showered the driver’s baby with gifts.


Merry Christmas Eve to those who celebrate & happy long weekend to the rest of ya!



  1. ah yes…christmas eve…also known as why oh why…did i not get all my shopping done yesterday?

    now ill have to fight off the stressed out irritable horde that just needs to get the last final touches for christmas…also wine…lots of wine

    i do this every year….you’d think i’d learn

  2. I used to have this perverse Christmas Eve (or day before Christmas) tradition where I’d try to imagine the most chaotic place to be and go there, just to hang out and observe the anarchy, since we weren’t traveling. Plus I like crowds.

    One year I went to Grand Central but it was oddly unfulfilling, since those are commuter trains (although they go as far as Bedford and New Haven, which is quite a hike). Nirvana was reached the year I went to Penn Station and hung out in the Amtrak area. If you’ve ever seen “The Out of Towners,” it was ten times worse. People had so much crap with them. First class passengers on the Titanic may have traveled with less. I’ve also been on the main sales floor of Macy’s (the flagship store at Herald Square) during the final hour before they closed for Christmas.

    Oh, those were the days. I’m not even sure I’m going to be leaving the house today, except to st/roll around the neighborhood with Faithful Hound.

    • The times that I’ve caught a train at Penn Station, woof. Maybe things have changed with the Moynihan building? I haven’t been there yet.

      As you can probably explain better than me, it’s all underground and you generally go down ramps and around corners and get completely disoriented. There is no consistentcy to signs among Amtrak and all of the different commuter lines and the subway system, no design to help you sort anything out.

      And when you get to the entryways to the tracks, there are just a bunch of down escalators plopped in the middle of a waiting area, and everyone stands around waiting for an announcement which escalator goes to which train. Eventually an announcement comes, and everyone just mobs the top of it, waiting for some poor employee to start letting people down.

      A more humane design would have thought about the numbers of people going through and made it possible to organize people in lines and create open pathways for people to walk through. Instead it all feels like the scenes in the Fargo TV show crawling through the hoarder’s basement.

      • “Savvy” Amtrak-takers out of Penn know—well, first, you descend one flight from street level, then you’re in main bullring/Thunderdome. That’s where the giant trackboard is and only at the last second do they tell you which track your train is arriving on. But if you descend one more flight of stairs you’re in a calmer subterranean tomb and there they have little video monitors that show the same info. If you hang out there, you’re one flight closer to the track you’ll need and you’ll beat the crush. Then you go down one more flight to the tracks.

        I haven’t been to the new extension either. I doubt it helped, although it’s probably not quite as claustrophobic. It also has zero seating, and I think it closes for hours overnight, and they’re quite upfront about the fact that the reason is they don’t want it to descend into a refuge for the homeless mentally ill, as Penn Station has.

  3. A NEAT little mini-thread that just crossed my Twitter timeline, for those of y’all who like looking at neat architecture😃😉😁


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