Christmas Movies, Ranked

It’s that magical time of year when everything comes in the form of a list – so here’s a list of Christmas movies I’ve ranked in order. If you’d rank these Christmas movies in a different order, please let me know in the comments.

  1. Planes, Trains and Automobiles
  2. Goodfellas
  3. Bridget Jones’s Diary
  4. Grumpy Old Men
  5. Steel Magnolias
  6. American Psycho
  7. Funny Farm
  8. Lady and the Tramp
  9. Catch Me If You Can
  10. Gremlins
  11. Rocky IV
  12. The Addams Family
  13. Lethal Weapon
  14. Trading Places
  15. You’ve Got Mail
  16. Angels With Even Filthier Souls
  17. Die Hard
  18. Iron Man 3
  19. Rocky
  20. Edward Scissorhands
  21. Holiday Inn
  22. While You Were Sleeping
  23. Reindeer Games
  24. Shazam
  25. The Ref
  26. Batman Returns
  27. Eyes Wide Shut
  28. Sleepless In Seattle
  29. Getting hit by a bus
  30. Passion Of The Christ
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  1. 1. LA Confidential
    2. Die Hard
    3. While you were Sleeping
    4. Gremlins
    5. Mixed Nuts
    6 .The Addams Family
    7. Everything else

    Thanks that was fun!

  2. I’m giggling at this a lot. Angels With Even Filthier Souls ISN’T EVEN REAL.
    American Psycho? Never heard of it.
    Planes, Trains and Automobiles is CLEARLY a Thanksgiving movie. I will fight you.
    I am smol but bitey.

      • “help, help – I’m being oppressed. Come & see the violence inherent in the system…”

        …much as I’d endorse the holy grail for it’s famously concise breakdown of the concept of an anarcho-syndicalist commune in a feudal context (& the math concerning coconut-laden swallows in flight) I’m gonna have to come out in favor of The Life of Brian as a christmas movie

        …I know it’s fashionable to turn things into trilogies these days but surely The Life of Brian is one of the few Christmas movies that tries to tell that story from beginning to sort of end

        …sort of like the antichrist/Armageddon thing & Good Omens

        …which isn’t a christmas movie – obviously – so I don’t know why I even brought it up.

  3. #4 needs to be the 1974 McDonalds training film “Dealing With Difficult Customers: A Guide for Managers in Problem-Solving the McDonalds Way.”

    That film is 16 1/2 minutes of pure Christmas joy, as well as a useful guide on to do when customers feel Filet O Fishes are inadequately cooked.

  4. Die Hard is the greatest Xmas movie ever. It is the heart warming story of how a bunch of German Terrorists and the black nerd who was also the only black guy in Top Gun help John McCane rebuild the Nakatone Tower after the FBI blew it up just in time for the Nakatone Xmas party.

    But I’ve only seen it backwards.

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