City Walks – A Few Blocks

A Few Things in a Neighborhood

Colorful exterior wall of restaurant

A Neighborhood Where People Hang Out

About a mile and half south of me is an old neighborhood with a small commercial area that has a few restaurants, a well known bakery, and small brewery. It’s a neighborhood where a lot of people hang out, and it has a small independent bookstore, with this helpful sign on its outside wall.

Bookstore Sign painted on brick wall with dog

A Community Garden

The residents created this community garden, with raised beds made out of corrugated metal. There are also tables and chairs so neighbors can sit outside during nice weather, scroll through their phones, or have a cup of coffee.

Community garden and table and chair

Also, the garden has this twist on Little Libraries. Following up on brightersideoflife’s NOT theme yesterday of freebies, instead of a free book exchange, they have a garden tool and supply exchange.

Free garden supply library
Free garden supply library

A Landmark Restaurant

But the most striking business in the neighborhood is this restaurant. It serves a pretty standard mix of American food like burgers, fried chicken, meatloaf — good quality, but not what you’d remember about the place. No, what you remember is the decor. Like this by the walk to the entrance:

Entrance to colorful restaurant with dolls heads

Or this by the side of the restaurant:

Figure outside colorful restaurant with human figure

Or the entire front of the restaurant:

Front of colorful restaurant with multiple human figures
Human and cow figures in front of colorful restaurant
Human figures in front of colorful restaurant

I wish I had photos of the inside, but it’s just as colorful, and filled with huge displays of Pez dispensers, reconstructed dolls, toy cars, more mannequins, more, more more.



  1. I am envious of your city walks.  I’d have to drive five hours to get to a proper city.

    But in a few weeks, I’ll be in Chicago and will be city-walking my ass off.

  2. That restaurant looks like a fun place to grab a bite and hang out. Maybe grab a coffee to go enjoy at the community garden. You live in a great place.

    • I’ve always wanted to go. I have an uncle who is a huge Gaudi fan and had a house where he constructed undulating mosaic covered walls in his back garden inspired by Gaudi — a much smaller version of this:

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