City Walks – African American Festival

African American festival

Hot Hot Hot

A few weeks ago my city had its big annual African American festival, and despite the heat I walked over.

It was so steamy that on the walk down I passed a house which had put out a cooler with water bottles for passersby.

free water sign

The skeleton decor on the porch drove home the message.

water cooler

The volunteers had to hike in from a parking lot that was a healthy distance away, which I’m sure was a small test of their dedication.

festival volunteers

Despite the temperature, some visitors seemed determined to celebrate the heat.

runners at festival

Getting Started

The festival got tens of thousands of visitors, and the site was something like a small city within the city. There were at least two stages, and when I got there the sound checks were still going on. But people were already setting up chairs under tents to relax out of the sun before the acts began.

festival field

The control booth and video center was still mostly unoccupied.

sound/video booth

And on the stages, people went about their business pretty slowly.

sound check
sound check
sound check
sound check

More to come…



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