City Walks – Birds

Our Fine Feathered Friends

Hawk in tree

Who Doesn’t Like Birds At Least Some Of The Time?

In parks around me there are plenty of signs of bird lovers. You’ll see people with binoculars spying on the little things as they go about their business, and you’ll see birdhouses like this in the park across the street from me, made from a hollowed-out limb and attached to a tree.

rustic birdhouse

This past weekend there was an urban bird festival in the park nearby, run by volunteers from the Audubon society and a local park organization.

Audubon Society at bird festival

This is an ex-owl. We do get, however, a lot of live barred owls in the park and the surrounding neighborhoods, and you’ll see them at dusk sometimes, and more often hear them.

stuffed barred owl

There were various educational displays, crafts for the kids, and help for building bird houses and feeders.

egg chart
bird information display

And by coincidence there was the installation of a new Little Library, which included a famous yellow bird of an unknown species.

little library with Snoopy and Woodstock


  1. Always enjoy the bird content. I need to get out there this weekend and find some.

    Two days ago I could hear a flock of sandhill cranes flying in or above the low clouds here. Couldn’t see them, but their calls are distinctive:

  2. My dark-eyed juncos are gone for the year and I’m sad they’ve gone north for summer. There’s such jaunty cute lil birbs!

    Anyways, the only birds I don’t like are the annoying starlings since they’re just overwhelming but it’s not their fault, they’re just an introduced species that runs amok.

    • Starlings are cleaning out the last bits of seed I’m putting in my feeder before retiring it for the year. I have the feeling the other birds have moved on to their warm weather diets.

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