City Walks – Christmas Parade Finale!

You Better Be Good For Goodness Sake


It’s All Here

Do you feel like you’ve already seen a million Christmas Parade photos? Well, this was one long parade. Because cities are filled with a million types of people. And what do they celebrate?

Winter Holidays Around The World!

That’s right, revenge-driven monsters out to punish bad children. He’s coming for you! Krampus kicked off the line of marchers celebrating winter holidays around the world.

Marchers with banner for Winter Holidays Around The World

Here’s a truck with random countries listed and their traditions, such Ukraine and the spider in the Christmas tree. And yes, if those red and white stripes look familiar, they have to do with Japan and KFC at Christmas.

Truck with Christmas displays from different countries

Also there’s a Hanukkah… fire truck.

Hanukkah fire truck

But also a giant radish! I found out that in Oaxaca people celebrate Noche de Rabanos, or night of the radishes, on December 23, where people display carved radishes in the market.

Truck with Night of Radishes display

I think this is about Three Kings Day in Mexico or Central America.

Mexican parade float

More Mexican representation included this truck…

Truck with Mexican decorations


Mexican dancers

And these giant figures…

Mexican dancers

One group that made a huge impression was this bunch of marchers from the Andes, who stomped with massive platform clogs with cymbals on the heels.

Woman in Andean costume
People in Andean costumes
Andean clogs
I would kill myself in these


The parade route goes by a city park with a large skatepark in it, and I am guessing some of these people are connected.

Skateboarders in holiday costumes
The Vans match the pants
Man on sled with skateboard wheels
Kid jumping on skateboard over Santa
Santa’s prayer was answered – the kid in the red flannel shirt made the jump without squashing anyone


And of course there are bands.

High school marching band
This band is from the school my kids attended
High school marching band
Marching band



And hauling themselves all the way from Philadelphia – Mummers!



When you’re a kid, you always wonder if you’ll be lucky enough to witness a horse pooping. I didn’t see one this year.

Cavalry riders
This group teaches riding to city kids
Men with miniature horses
Nobody is riding these horses
Mexican horseback riders
Mexican riders

Mr. and Mrs. Big

And just like in Christmas parades all over, the final act is Mr. and Mrs. Big, Santa and Mrs. Claus. Here they are, lined up and ready to roll.

Santa and Mrs. Claus


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