City Walks – Christmas Parade Part Deux


Astronomers in golf carts

Everyone Everwhere All At Once

So anyways, a neighborhood near me hosts an annual Christmas Parade which is a wild and wonderful mix of people from all walks of life.

When my daughter was a little girl she marched in it two or three times, and danced and handed out candy. The organizers will pretty much accept anyone who wants to appear, and the crowds will cheer everyone.

Science / Fiction

For example, both hard science and Sci-Fi are part of the parade. There was not just one antique Ghostbusters ambulance in the parade, but three or four! Like this one:

Ghostbusters ambulance and cosplayers

Were there Star Wars cosplayers? You bet!

Star Wars cosplayers
Star Wars cosplayers

But there were also NASA contractors affiliated with the Hubble and Webb Telescopes represented.

Globe with Hubble Telescope
Webb telescope parade float
Astronomy parade float

Young People March!

But it’s not just adults looking for a break and a chance to wear a costume. Young people march too.

For instance, here’s a city high school football team, showing off their state championship belt.

And here’s a local Girl Scout troop.

Here’s a young model who was getting photographed along the route by the man in the awesome shiny suit.

Christmas parade

And step teams of proud young women!

Step sisters
Step Sisters
This group is from the middle school my kids attended
Step team


And who doesn’t love Shriners? Or at least who doesn’t wonder what their deal is? And especially the little cars? Evidently, there is no deep meaning to Shriner cars. OR SO THEY SAY.

Well, whatever, they seem to be having fun and kids get a gas out of watching them.

Antique Vehicles

And then there are the antique vehicle enthusiasts, who assembled a big batch of things to drive.

Next week — the end, including an appearance by You Know Who and Mrs. You Know Who.



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