City Walks – Domesticated Animals

The Animals We Choose to Live With Us


The Beasts Among Us

Cities are manmade worlds, but there are still plenty of animals who share our spaces. On purpose even!

Most of all are dogs and cats, of course. You’ll see plenty of dogs in yards, keeping an eye on their home turf.

Dog in yard
Dog on porch

Cats, meanwhile, have more mysterious agendas.

Cat on roof
Cat on steps

Other Animals

But there are other animals you’ll see besides cats and dogs.

In one neighborhood, built on the grounds of an old estate, you can still see fish ponds from the old mansion, and the neighbors have kept the ponds stocked with koi.


One person keeps chickens. Their house is in a pretty heavily urban neighborhood, which probably helps keep them safer from the foxes which roam on my block.


And then a couple of houses keep bees. Here you can see a fresh shipment in a box that has been set down next to two permanent hives.

Bees in a box
Bee hive
Bee hives

In Memoriam

And occasionally you’ll see tributes to late pets.

In a clearing in the woods near my home, someone put these stones in honor of Bear, Griz and Beorn.

Dog gravestones

And on the door of a local hardware store is a painting of the cat named Cop Car who used to live there.

Cat painting on door


    • I’m not sure how the koi survive — there are a lot of herons and raccoons in the area  and they’re not the most energetic fish. Maybe they’re not as dumb as they look.

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