City Walks – Flags for Today

Caring About the Flag

American Flag detail

Making a Message

Americans (mostly) love the US flag. Progressives love the US flag, often more than right, although you wouldn’t know it if you listened to the press.

Walking around my city you’ll see uncountable numbers of US flags, carefully tended to, not allowed to touch the ground or fray. And often you’ll see them accompanied by other messages which reinforce American ideals of liberty and justice for all.

Sometimes the image of the flag is incorporated with messages:

Banner with flag emblem and hate has no home here slogan
US Flag with Black Lives Matter banner
US Flag with sign of US principles

But often the flag is flown as a complement for another message to show how they’re really two sides of the same coin.

US Flag with Black Lives Matter banner
US Flag with We Believe banner
US Flag with we believe statement


  1. In our little city – Stone Mountain – and yes I am well aware of the history – we’re not allowed to post any of the signs/flags with words – except for political campaign signs. After people started posting the BLM and/or any of the progressive ones –  a lot people started posting the Back the Blue and other less progressive ones – there was a lot of bickering about signs and  ordinances so the city council voted to outlaw basically any sign or flag with writing on it.

    There was one house on the street behind me that still flew ye olde confederate flag but they luckily have moved away. We used to refer to them as The Last Confederate Outpost.

    Stone Mountain is majority black but a lot of the white people’s families have lived here since before the Civil War. The city council used to be 100% white – but the last few elections have brought us a much more diverse city council – so maybe we’ll get to have signs with writing on them in the future. Although, after there was so much whining and complaining about campaign signs after the last mayor/city council election – they might outlaw those too.

    • And, not to make this thread all about me – but where we go to the lake – everyone flies American flags on their docks – which we find odd. Why do you need a flag on your dock? I just think it’s virtue signalling. Let’s just say there is not much in the way of diversity at the lake. There are not as many as there used to be but some people still fly tRump flags on their boats.

      We were going to fly a Biden/Harris flag but we were literally afraid of getting shot at so we fly the Jolly Roger on our old 1983 pontoon boat instead.

    • I’d be surprised if that kind of ordinance would survive a court challenge. That seems wildly overbroad. Not that a lot of places don’t do that kind of thing anyway.

      • I just found the ordinances but can’t really find one that pertains to what I was talking about. All I know is that one day a lot of people had those “In this house we…” signs and then there was a big dust up on Nextdoor and then by the end of the week pretty much all of those signs were either stuck in people’s windows inside their houses or gone and have never come back.

        I’m sure someone could take them to court but I don’t think many people here have the money or care enough to do so.

  2. We have a lot of Ukrainian flags since the Russian invasion. And a fair share of American flags. Thankfully I’ve never seen a Confederate flag, we’re a tiny blue dot in a very red state.

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