City Walks – More Libraries

More books in boxes

Little Library

More Free Stuff

You thought you were done with libraries? Ha! Still more. They keep popping up like kudzu.

These two showed up around the corner from me in the past couple of months.

Little library with house in the background
This one is designed to look like the house behind it. It has a real slate roof.
Little library shaped like a house
Asphalt shingles for the roof of this one.

This one is a little worse for the wear.

Little library

The next two shots are the front and back of the same library.

Little Library front
Little Library back
Water for the dogs

This library is painted with chalk-friendly paint, and messages change with the seasons. This photo was taken not too long after Mardi Gras, and the owners invited vistors to take beads and throw them into their tree.

Little library with Mardi Gras beads
The message has been washed by rain, but reads “Toss some beads and make a wish”

And finally, these libraries include auxiliaries. The first has a smaller library for kids books.

The second library has a small dispensary of dog poop bags.

Little Library with dog poop bag dispenser


  1. I appreciate the thoughtful touches for the doggos. every so often someone from one of the local tennis centers brings a large box of used tennis balls to the dog park we frequent. Watching Fanny go through them to pick the perfect ball to take home is so cute.

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