City Walks – More Religious Statues

Buddha Head

Following up on last week’s post on Christian art in my area, there are also a number of statues of saints on display around homes.

For example, this is a statue of John the Baptist, who can be identified by the lamb at his feet, which is his identifying attribute.

Statue of St. John the Baptist

But the most popular saint is Francis, which makes a lot of sense for gardens — he was traditionally accompanied by birds and small animals.

Statue of St. Francis
Statue of St. Francis
Statue of St. Francis

This statue of Francis provides a nice shift to a completely different type of religious statue which is common where I live — Buddha.

Statues of St. Francis and Buddha

The traditional image of Buddha is densely coded, with this page giving more details on individual elements such as the head, hair, and ears.

And while this stance is repeated below, there are many other formal stances, each with a different significance, and like Christian iconography, there are also special significances to the arrangements of hands and fingers.

Buddha statue
Buddha statue
Buddha on bench
Buddha and fish pond

If you’re wonder about the fat, happy figure from Buddhist art, there will be more on him later.



  1. Friends and I once rented a beach house that had a not insubstantial statue of St. Francis holding a large basin in the backyard. It also had a picnic table, a hammock, and an outdoor shower. When the basin ran dry (from lack of rainfall) we used to fill it with water ourselves. Do you know how many seagulls will flock to a freshwater source three house lots in from the Atlantic Ocean? It was like being on the set of Alfred Hitchcock’s The Birds. But we did it because that year the two kids in the house must have been about 7 and 5 and they thought it was the coolest thing ever, so we adults forwent the use of the picnic table, hammock, and outdoor shower.

  2. theres a budha on a balcony on my route to work….said balcony also has an upside down dutch flag and wef conspiracy slogans tho

    suspect the person living there may be more looney toon than spiritual

    • Yeah I realize now my comment reads differently than I intended it.

      I’ve always known super cool Buddhists. I never met the folks my friend was interviewing. It was just like what the fuck happened to normal Buddhists to cause that shift in mentality, it was like prosperity gospel Buddhism, if that makes sense. And it was in Alabama, so that’s pretty much what I guessed happened.

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