City Walks — Snow Job

They're whitewashing everything!

Farmers Market Wintertime

Fresh snow is exciting, as long as it’s not two feet deep. Everything looks different and new.

The night before my weekly trip to the local farmer’s market we got a dusting, just enough to make things look different.

Starting out

In approximate order, the first thing on the way to the market was this Japanese-style water basin.

Japanese Water Basin in Snow

Next in a neighbor’s front garden are this lantern and statue.

Lantern in snow
Woman sculpture and pot covered with snow

This Great Blue Heron made out of metal was temporarily turned into a Snowy Egret.

Heron sculpture covered with snow

These concrete spheres on metal pillars are probably very different in the heat of summer, absorbing and reflecting the energy from the sun. But in the snow, they’re the kind of thing you can imagine kids with snowballs would use for target practice.

Sculpture of spheres on pillars in snow

Meanwhile, this much more formal entryway may escape pummelling due to the extreme formality, no matter how tempting those lions may be.

Front door with lions and vases

This sundial is temporarily rendered useless by the snow, which obscures the hour markings.

Sundial covered with snow

Halloween was three months ago, but some people still haven’t brought in their pumpkins. Squirrels always attack ours, despite the barking they draw from our dog, but these have survived.

Pumpkins covered with snow

Toughing It Out At The Farmer’s Market

Vendors usually show up around 7 AM, and it must have been cold that morning. When I showed up around 11 it was still well below freezing, but the sun had taken the edge off. Not a lot of people had showed up, either to buy or sell, but some were still willing to take a chance.

Farmers market vendors

You can be sure they didn’t grow those tomatoes or green beans, but the rules of the farmer’s market are relaxed this time of year — vendors are allowed to resell what they pick up at wholesale markets. And any fresh produce is welcome this time of year.

Farmers market vendor

This vendor is selling a few things like cabbage and sweet potatoes that probably survive in cold storage. If you notice people wearing masks, a lot is being conscientious, but a piece of it is self preservation — spending a lot of time in the cold gives you an extra incentive to cover up.

Farmers market in the cold

A few prepared food vendors were out too. In warmer weather the entire lot will be packed with people selling fresh fruit and vegetables, meat, prepared food, locally distilled liquor and crafts, and a ton of people from all walks of life.

Now it’s pared down to a minimum, but a few vendors are still willing to see what they can sell, and few customers are still eager to get out of the house and see what they can buy.

I picked up beets, kielbasa, bread, some salad greens, and a few snapshots.



    • I think I wrote this before, but being able to walk past stuff really made a difference in how much I picked up. You just can’t see much from cars. You really shouldn’t be looking much from a car. Unfortunately, a lot of places make it hard, even deadly to walk anywhere.

  1. You make me want to get out more. I think if the weather is decent this weekend I’m going to ask my dog park friend if he’d like to walk the dogs in town instead. Thanks for the inspiration.
    My favorites today are the Japanese lantern and the sundial.

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