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A mile or so from my house there is a big public garden that once were the grounds of a big estate. Last year I posted photos of how it looks in the spring. Here are a few from this past February.

Nothing is growing in the flower beds except for some little weeds.

Winter tulip bed
Winter tulip bed
Winter tulip bed

But now, the millions of tulip bulbs planted by volunteers have flowered.


And while nobody was around on that day in February when temperatures were just above freezing, now the park is full of people enjoying the warm spring weather and all of the flowers.

Here’s a guy who had hung hulahoops in a tree for some reason, and was playing a recorder.

man piping

It was just warm enough to stroll, picnic, stop for photos, and let kids play.

people around tulip bed
people at tulip bed
people at tulip bed
people at tulip bed


    • up here in the north….. not that many windmills actually

      tho you know…they are still dotted around the countryside

      but you find most of them in actual holland…and the waterlogged regions…as we used them to pump water….

      • i would love to visit….if i can find the funds


        fantastic jazz and blues over there….so…i’d aim for festival season

        i’d go see the windmill too…..not sure ive ever seen one anywhere else in person…lol

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