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Inflatable Turkey

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Apologies to the rest of the world, but the US has unleashed a great tide of commercialized Christmas. Meanwhile, we get a brief calm before the storm due to our Thanksgiving holiday, which occurs about a month before Christmas and has enough bulk and heft to fend off the worst of the Yuletide for a little while.

Thanksgiving doesn’t get nearly as much decorations as Halloween or Christmas, but it doesn’t go completely unnoticed. Here are a few examples of what has shown up on some of my walks.

Turkeys are easily the most iconic symbol. Not everyone likes turkey, but there’s really no avoiding them.

Turkey decoration
Sign for turkey and prosecco
Inflatable Turkey

Turkeys will get incorporated into displays with more elements, like pumpkins, and often scarecrows.

Thanksgiving garden display
Thanksgiving garden display

And sometimes scarecrows will be a standalone element. It’s not quite clear to me why scarecrows have become so closely associated with this season — by late fall, crops have been harvested and there really isn’t any need to scare the crows away.

stuffed scarecrow

And of course, Thanksgiving needs its pilgrims, whether they are in human form…

Pilgrim figures

Or dinosaur form.

Dinosaurs with pilgrim hats


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