Close! [DOT 25/2/21]

Look, did I read Rip’s epic DOT yesterday? No.

Will I apologize for any repeats below? Also, no.

Here we go…

Johnson & Johnson’s one-shot Covid vaccine effective, FDA review says

I mailed my estimated tax payment to the IRS on 1/15/21. It was cashed yesterday.

Biden nominates three to USPS board of governors as DeJoy testifies on mail crises


Wait, is this still going on?

GameStop shares soar more than 100% amid executive shuffle


LA County Sheriff says Tiger Woods was ‘not drunk’ during crash: ‘Purely an accident’


What a dump! Why ‘wild toileting’ has become a big pandemic problem

Canadians, care to whey in?

Hope your day is better than this guy’s.



  1. eh i tried reading rips post
    i really did
    but my lunchbreak wasnt long enough
    anyways….as ive got nothing better to do ima spend all day watching shit like this

    i dont even want to check the over here the gubments rona rules are gonna send me apopleptic..
    i mean…really? hair dressers and massueses (fuckit howerver you spell that) are okay to open up again? as are primary schools…but not high schools
    and we are keeping the fucking curfew and not allowing terraces to open?
    i mean shit….this is the kind of shit that makes me think the fucking idiot protestors have a point

    • I first saw The Usual Suspects while working at the Aspen Music Festival with a bunch of my fellow engineers.  One of us had rented the VHS tape(!), and watched it one evening.  As soon as the movie was over, we all decided we needed to rewind(!) and watch it all over again right then and there.  A few of us had an 8:00 am call the next morning, but nobody cared.

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