Coffee Break [6/9/21]

Your mid morning pick me up - or in my case cool down

It’s already Monday again – and time for working stiffs to take a break. Oh that’s right – it’s Labor Day! Hopefully, a lot of people have the day off. If you don’t – you have my sympathies. If you do – what are you doing with your extra weekend day?

Since it’s been so cool here, I’ve been doing a lot of yard work – but when I need to take a little break – I’ve been popping over to Twitch for the Bob Ross Marathon. There is nothing more soothing than Bob and his “happy little trees” and “fluffy little clouds” taking shape on a blank canvas. Each episode is only about a half hour so you can watch one or one hundred – there are actually 403 episodes. There is also a movie on Netflix about Bob and the weird relationship that he had with Annette and Walt Kowalski who own all of his work instead of his son. I can’t think about that right now – I really need to mow the lawn – but I think I’ll watch just one more episode instead.

Bob may be painting sunsets in heaven now – but at least he left us some quality ASMR. So, happy little Deadsplinter friends – what are you up to this Labor Day?



  1. still on holiday here….and today im having about as lazy a day as i can manage…so far ive drank some coffee and wandered around the house and garden reading a book…coz reading whilst stationary is for normies….did the dishes (all 2 plates a frying pan and some cuttlery….hard work) 
    it is now 4 pm and im considering making myself brinner

      • it is a pretty good day…..might not survive it…decided to cook up some meaty noodles….but the pepper i used seems to have been weapons grade…had to open all doors and windows as ive got a kitchen full of mace making everyones eyes water
        little scared to eat it once its done now

  2. Lounging by the pool. Thanks for covering the Coffee Break @Lymond
    A couple of days ago we went to a great confectionery in Darien, Georgia. It’s called Sugar Marsh Cottage. Have you ever been there? Next time you’re in that part of the state make sure you drop by. Everything is delicious and beautifully displayed. They’re very generous with the samples too. I recommend the Sea Salt and Vinegar Toffee. 

  3. being lazy right now, but at some point today I should get up and either do some decluttering, or go grocery shopping.
    I’m also taking tomorrow off, which is kinda nice, but I do need to run some errands that’s going to mean me sitting on public transit for like 4 hours.  I’ve got books though…

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