Coffee Break [10/1/22]

Your mid-morning pick me up

Kitten Kay Sera, of California, has wed the color pink after a 40-year long relationship. The nuptials took place at A Little White Wedding Chapel, Las Vegas, Nevada. Initially, I rolled my eyes, as you are probably doing. But after further reading, I’ve decided I admire Ms. Sera, who earns her living as The Pink Lady of Hollywood. We should all be so lucky to parlay our passion into a career. Plus, she seems really fun and has a dog named Miss Kisses.

Have a pinktastic Monday, Deadsplinters.



    • Same here, Kitten is my kinda girl. She obviously doesn’t take herself too seriously, and has a great, if crazy, fashion sense. She’s a ray of pink sunshine.

  1. I saw this lady on the news and didn’t understand how it was news?  It seems like just a cry for attention.  Now awhile back I met this girl at a beer store (I know, shocking!) and she was driving around in Barbie’s Dream Hearst, now that was news worthy!

    • I love the Barbie Dream Hearse, but I don’t think it’s a cry for attention exactly. More of a calculated move for Instagram clicks. And why not? We all have to earn a living. If you can do it and have fun, good for you. I think she’s more like the folks who hung around with Warhol in the 60s and 70s, or the Club Kids of the 80s. I can see her sashaying into a club with Divine.

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